blah blah Monetize Your Podcast blah – wait, what?

Joseph Jaffe just got a free iPhone from a listener. All he had to do was offer up a sponsorship for one episode of his show.

This lucky accident could revolutionize podcast sponsorship. (I sure hope it does!)

Your podcast may only have 100 listeners, but no matter your niche, I’d be willing to bet your listenership includes some high-ups with decision-making ability.

Personally, if I found the right audience for a client, I’d drop $250 for an episode, easy. All you’d have to do was reach me, and you’ve had that ability all along– it comes built into the show you do.

So get to it.





7 responses to “blah blah Monetize Your Podcast blah – wait, what?”

  1. Bishop Avatar

    As media sponsorship demi-mondes go, my friend, at least you are honest and enthusiastic when you sell yourself out…

  2. Joseph Jaffe Avatar

    First and foremost, Happy Birthday for tomorrow 🙂

    This is a very cool experiment and I’m working on iPhone number 2 right now.

    Watch this space!!!

    I REALLY do hope this becomes a workable solution for the podosphere and beyond.


  3. Vergel Evans Avatar

    The long tail on advertising and talking about topics in the podcast means they’ll be part of the show forever. So the time / place / context of the commercial might make sense at the time. But ultimately in the over all concept of the show (going forward) it might make less sense.

    It’s a double edge sword. It’s liberating to have ad revenue, but it might mean later on looking back at it and thinking… what was I thinking?

    Anyone remember MC Hammer and his KFC Popcorn Chicken deal?

  4. Julien Avatar

    dude, i must admit, this idea excites me tremendously. the KFC, however, i hope to be able to stay away from. 🙂

  5. Carl Mercier Avatar

    I’d do anything for an iPhone! Huh… wait, I’m in Canada…

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  7. Gawks Avatar

    I think calling it revolutionary is going a bit far. I think my main issue though, is Jaffe’s smugness and his fixation on monetizing his dwindling band of listeners.

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