Harry Potter madness

Most of you probably don’t know this, but I own HarryPotterForum .com, and only just now got around to doing something with it. Anyway, I just realized the traffic since last week has been INSANE. Check it:

And BTW, Eric Skiff just twittered that Scholastic, the company that publishes these books, is turning a major NYC street into Diagon Alley. Insane.





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  1. DHP Avatar

    Yeah, Eric and I are meeting to rock one out with the Harry Potter party. I know it’s not hip or whatever, but I worked at bookstores to get myself through college and it’s a truly amazing site to see several hundred kids out at midnight for a BOOK RELEASE! I’m excited about the release, and excited to meet Eric for the first time at the release party. I’ll, of course, Twitter and Flickr the hell outta the event.

  2. hugh Avatar

    why don’t you slap a phpbb forum on there and let it grow? right now its … just a wordpress install? that ain’t no forum.

  3. hugh Avatar

    don’t mind me i’m just a grumpy old man.

  4. Julien Avatar

    actually, i’ve gotten like 15 new people join up in the weekend. not bad for a new thing.

  5. Carl Mercier Avatar

    Time to make a living off this site, Julien 😉

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