Podcasting for Fun and Profit

So yeah, I don’t want to say how, but I came across this book Michael and Leesa talked about on their blogs, titled Podcasting For Fun and Profit. I don’t want to link to it because, you know, it’s a trashy ebook that tells me I can make $13,000 in 67 minutes.

I’m sure you can find it if you really want to.

Anyway, it’s the usual ebook– filled with sales pitches for other ebooks, obvious advice, etc. etc. The majority of it is really just basic “about podcasting” stuff anyone could learn by searching Google (which is likely what he did). Then, on page 64 come the eight pages of groundbreaking monetization tips:

– Advertise stuff
– Advertise your stuff
– Advertise other people’s stuff
– Make people pay for podcasts (!)
– etc.

You get the point. Don’t even ask me why I’m blogging this… if you’ve been to any podcast conferences recently, it isn’t news to you that people are trying to sell us useless stuff. 🙂





7 responses to “Podcasting for Fun and Profit”

  1. CT Moore Avatar

    Geez, now that business has discovered web 2.0, there are way too many unapologetic self promoters. It’s really eroding the integrity of the space. I miss 2005.

  2. Andrew Avatar

    So that’s how it’s done? THANKS!

  3. Nico Avatar

    My favorite line of his site:

    “You can place your order now and be downloading Podcasting For Fun & Profit in the next 5 minutes, even if its 3am in the morning!”

  4. Justin Simonsen Avatar

    But wait!! Order in the next ten minutes and we will throw in this amazing free sponge mop!! You just pay s/h. lol!!

  5. Hugh Avatar

    where’s the link? i wanna buy it. monetize monetize monetize.

  6. Vergel Evans Avatar

    I say it all the time. Keep the podcast free… sell the spin off products. But none of that will matter if these new and magical podcasts don’t have an audience. Somehow that always gets missed in those books.

    The money part is secondary to growing an audience… getting mainstream press. blah blah blah…

    bah! why even bother writing it…. anyone who’s podcast has lasted past the first 6 episodes realizes the stuff that matters… everyone on the sidelines are watching a whole different game.

    go team good content!

  7. Steven Mansour Avatar

    ‘Keep the podcast free… sell the spin off products.’

    What are the ‘spin off products’ of a podcast? Tshirts? Pez dispensers? Saturday morning sitcoms?

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