Google is killing the planet, or something

Along the line of Austin Hill’s Dark Green PC, there are people out there making sure that all that whitespace on isn’t wasting energy (up to 750 megawatt-hours per year, some people say).

The solution: Blackle. You’ll find it easier on the eyes at night, too.





9 responses to “Google is killing the planet, or something”

  1. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Who has a CRT monitor these days?

  2. Julien Avatar

    The poor, the 2nd/3rd world, and people that generally don’t care to update their machines… which adds up to a fair number, I imagine. 🙂

  3. anji bee Avatar

    ooh its the goth google!

  4. Carl Mercier Avatar

    What’s really killing the planet is my addiction to the computer! It’s past midnight and I’m writing this… I should be in bed! 😉

  5. Andrew Avatar

    Once again, the internet provides a solution to a problem that never existed.

  6. Michelle Avatar

    Graphic designers prefer CRT over LCD because of true color issues. (says it’s powered by Google)

  7. Marko Avatar

    Good link – Thanks.
    I also find it has the added benefit of NOT automatically redirecting or giving me results instead of results.

  8. Julien Avatar

    yep! i noticed that too.

  9. thedevil Avatar

    using a white screen saves a good deal more energy when using an lcd.

    honestly, that high contrast shit gives me a headache.

    the devil

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