“The perfect storm of conspiracy theories”

Three parts, each more disturbing than the last. This is the kind of movie whose concepts it’s impossible to explain to people without looking like a crackpot… but like this, they make sense. (Feel free to skip the 5 minute introductory sequence.)

(Hat tip: Marko)





4 responses to ““The perfect storm of conspiracy theories””

  1. Andrew Avatar

    A good portion of the content in this movie was debunked long before its release. However, the third part is exceedingly terrifying, and to my knowledge, not disproved to date.

    Regardless, the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth – in a good way.

  2. Jason Avatar

    It’s just as I have always suspected. The Egyptians own!

  3. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Yeah… the 9/11 thing didn’t sit too well with me either – just watch the appropriate South Park episode…

    But the sun god stuff was really interesting, and the financial stuff was all news to me!

  4. Robert B Avatar

    I saw this thing, it was insanely interesting. The stuff about Jesus not existing, 9/11, the Rockafellers owning the planet, all very illuminating. That last 30 minutes or so freaked me the hell out, the North American Union, Amero, the chips being implanted into you, the ID cards, it’s all extremely disturbing and makes me glad I moved out of America.

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