Scoble out?

Update: The part about Scoble leaving Podtech appears to be false. Sorry about the gossip dudes. My sentiments remain unchanged though.

I don’t know anything about Podtech (I don’t think anybody does), but I just read on Andrew Baron’s blog that Podtech is in sinking and Scoble may be out (the original tweet-based rumour being here). Who does this leave as the premiere audio/video content company? Podshow. Who’da thunk it.

If this is true, it means there’s going to be a lot of doubt going around the content-creation space (audio, video, etc.) in the next little while. Maybe less money, who knows.

The individual creators, on the other hand, are in a stronger position than ever. As the networks fail, the creators can continue to do their work for less money than a company ever could, getting little sponsorships along the way to keep them alive. They’re f’n cockroaches, and can thrive in the tiniest of niches with no problem.

I’ll be offline for the next fourteen hours (on a ferry in the middle of the Atlantic), so I won’t know how this will pan out, but I bet there are interesting times ahead for folks like us.

BTW, I’m calling it right now: Scoble, next evangelist for Facebook.






4 responses to “Scoble out?”

  1. Chris Brogan... Avatar

    Rumor. Scoble twittered it was bullshit today. Oh well. : ) Dave Slusher reported it too.

    Hello from Seattle. Where are you?

  2. Joseph Thornley Avatar

    Hi Julien,
    Scoble’s here at Gnomedex in Seattle and he just said that the Valleywag and Andrew Baron reports are not true. I think he said “totally crap” or something a little more direct.

  3. Tim Coyne Avatar

    BUT I did find his interview with Cali Lewis on Geek Brief TV a bit interesting. She asked him about Podtech and it could be Scoble being the honest and transparent guy that he is but he didn’t seemed thrilled. He hinted at something weird going on I thought. Seriously. When I saw this interview a couple days ago it struck me in weird way. Oh well. But that’s what is great about Scoble. NAKED CONVERSATIONS BABY!!