Being a cyborg

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How the rich control your education, being a cyborg, and the chessboard of life.

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8 responses to “Being a cyborg”

  1. Scarborough Dude Avatar

    Great to hear you again Julien! Hadn’t realized how I missed you until you came back- guess that’s kind of a backhanded compliment, but the point is, we need your voice. Stay with us eh! And congrats on your new life – it’s important to redefine ourselves from time to time.

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  3. Dave Delaney Avatar

    Bought time buddy 🙂 Seriously though, it’s great to hear you’re back. Congrats on becoming a cyborg – sounds awesome. I want the ear aids too (perhaps I should re-word that comment).


  4. anji bee Avatar

    it’s about motherfucking time! heh heh…

    so awesome to have you back, man. stoked to hear about your cyborg ears and really looking forward to seeing you at the expo later this month. hope you can make it!

  5. Sean McGaughey Avatar

    Hooray. Julien is back! And, you’re at the top of your game. Keep them coming.

  6. Dave LaMorte Avatar

    Some of your comments about public school bothered me a bit, but on some points you’re right. I think the problem is that we value the knowledge of certain “stuff” This is the “stuff” that the traditionally educated and wealthy know about, and not the “stuff” that is part of the lives of the average poor person.

    When I look into my student’s eyes I can see how bright they are but there is so much “stuff” they need to know to succeed.

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  8. web hustler Avatar

    first show i heard from you and will be looking forward to hearing your archives. keep up the good work.

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