Apple brainwashing

Is it just me, or do both the hosts of Apple’s guided tours, for iPhone and iPod Touch, both seem like robots?

I didn’t notice it so much with the iPhone, but with the new one, it’s unmistakable. Either the hosts are robots, or they’ve been instructed to act as inoffensive, and move as smoothly, as possible.

Normal humans don’t move like this. Maybe they’re trying to brainwash us.

During some parts, I actually feel like I’m being spoken to as if I were a psychiatric patient– about to erupt in violence at any moment. I don’t remember being cajoled like this since my mother tried to calm me down after a tantrum. Every gesture of these guys whispers, “hush, hush, you’re safe here.”

Anyway, you get my point. It’s fucking creepy. The end.





6 responses to “Apple brainwashing”

  1. DHP Avatar

    No dude, normal people DO move like this. Notice how the ‘Touch’ guy repeats his hand movements; right hand up, right hand down. This is what people who are not trained in public speaking gesture.

    The Apple guy really WANTS to be a robot, but can’t help but be human. …kinda ironic, eh?

  2. Whitney Avatar

    I hadn’t seen these- it is so…corporate-y. So bland. So…1984 pablum. Creepy is the perfect description

  3. Jason Avatar

    Nah, they can’t be robots, you can program a robot with a lot more moves these days. What you got here looks more like a couple of 700 Club webinar graduates.

  4. Nico Avatar

    Have you see this? The iPhone Shuffle:

    Whoever made it noticed the same things you did 🙂

  5. D Avatar

    There is definitely something extra-human about these two … I think it may be an attempt by the company to appeal to the largest audience possible, which they obviously fail at and come off as creepy and cult-y. They are bland and uninteresting on all levels, which probably is strategic in the marketing of their product, but also strategic in marketing a certain type of personae to a larger audience. The implication of course being that these guys are like one of those “nice uncles” that show you their latest gadgets and always have a semi-vested interest in your well being — thereby quashing any natural tendency to question new electronic devices — its been recommended by family, right? I am so sick of iPod and the culture that goes along with it — this lifestyle marketing is getting to be fucking ridiculous. You are being brainwashed.

  6. Seb Avatar

    The hand motions look more kinda West Coast new-agey cult member to me. Definitely trying to pacify us.

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