Don’t buy Kanye, Don’t buy 50

And now, a public service announcement brought to you by Jay Smooth.

P.S.: If you’re looking for an album to buy this week, consider Killah Priest instead, which you can listen to on my new episode. (Yeah, I still do a podcast. I’m just as shocked as you are, frankly.)

P.P.S.: Clyde Smith is saying we shouldn’t buy any albums until more of a stance is taken on the Jena 6 issue.






One response to “Don’t buy Kanye, Don’t buy 50”

  1. Bitcloud Avatar

    You’re still alive? I was expecting to hear you’d been killed in some agent provocateur incident…

    Thats a great vid.. that guy is right on the money…

    I’m having internet issues at the mo… digg seems to be my hub.. it’s a shared experience so it beats my RSS feed or stumbleupon… but unlike RSS or stumbleupon, it’s full of absolute shit.. I pretend like it’s not absolute shit, but every now and then I find a few great blogs where interesting people have intelligent things to say and it reminds me that I honestly don’t fucking care about ron paul, the iphone or britney’s lackluster performances…

    anyway, thats refreshing… jay smooth is refreshing… it’s refreshing to hear you’re back on the mic…

    yeah the democratic model works well for digg, but i’m starting to think someone needs to get a bit authoritarian on a hub… a digg for alternative culture… where people can share links and RSS feeds with a community… where completely stupid shit gets nuked… leaving only stuff with a bit of class…
    hmm… i might get on to that…. 🙂

    shit thats a long comment… i gotta finish off this new comic.. which should be a lot easier now i’ve got a fucking podcast to listen to 😉 -later

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