Information R/evolution

You see brilliance, I see a bottleneck.

Mitch shows us this Information R/evolution video, from the people who made The Machine is Us/ing Us. He says it’s a “drop everything” video– but me, I see a loss of control.

With increasing amounts of information, only larger infrastructures can handle indexing it– with where you’re being sent controlled Google,, etc., leaving the power in the hands of the few, not the many as we intended it.

With blogs, with Stumbleupon, with Digg, we keep the power. With structures that ask us our preferences, we can keep our human dignity.

When everything is miscellaneous, nothing is fathomable… and machines can become G-d.





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    Il y a quelques mois le clip vidéo « The Machine is us » relatant l’évolution du web connaissait un gros succès, relayé entre autre sur de nombreux blogs. Michael Wesch récidive avec ce nouveau clip &laqu…

  2. p Avatar

    I work as an access to information and privacy analyst. I agree with you – there is a loss of control in the amount of information created. The information loses its value, in anticipation of something more, we turn the page …

    I work for a “large infrastructure” and we have the power to withhold information, in other words, control it. The amount of information we come across is vast and complex … and as you say, in the hands of a few…

    I believe that our democratic system is unable to handle this information overload.

    Keep Bloggin’

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