Apple flushing podcasting?

I know this may seem like a conspiracy theory to you guys, but the other day we realized something at the office.

The iTunes Store on the iPod Touch… well, it has no podcasting section.

Anyway, after a bit of discussion, we kind of began wondering– is Apple flushing podcasting? I mean, they definitely don’t profit off it, so with limited screen resolution on the Touch, it makes sense that they’d kick it off. But is this telling us something more? I’d love to know what you think.






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  1. Drew Avatar

    I love a good conspiracy! In this case though, I have to believe that Apple isn’t going to flush podcasting.
    Having podcasts listed on iTunes doesn’t use up all that much in the way of Apple resources. They may not be profiting directly off of it, but roping people into using iTunes as their music/podcast managing software, like myself, definitely makes them a bunch of cash. Then I buy an iPod(s), maybe the occasional song, etc. Podcasting gives them a ton of brand awareness/dominance, so why it isn’t on the Touch iTunes store is strange. Perhaps their deal with Starbucks includes a bandwidth limit or a kickback each time I buy a song, because I know for sure that if I had a Touch I would zip over and download all of my free and awesome content over free wifi, hogging the bandwidth from people that have paid to use the hotspot.

  2. Hugh Avatar

    can you put ipodder on it?

  3. Rob Walch Avatar

    They are not getting rid of podcasting – they simply are only offering items that are for sale on the mobile version. It is a true store. Then what you buy gets sync’d upon reconnection with the computer. Podcasting has its place on the iPod Touch and iPhone.

    If you are looking for a good aggregator for either device go to

    Rob W
    host – podcast411
    host – today in iPhone – The first iPhone podcast

  4. Bill Deys Avatar

    I don’t think there is a podcasting client that can be put on the iPod Touch even if it’s jailbroken, if someone has let me know cuz I’d totally do it just for that support. In my opinion they likely will bring podcasting support to the Touch and the iPhone. I think they were just more concerned with shipping the units off the start and adding features later. Podcast support can easily be added in a software upgrade. 90% of the ability is already there with the wireless music store!

  5. Bob Goyetche Avatar


    Part of me can’t help but wonder if podcasting wouldn’t actually do better outside the iTunes store infrastructure…

    Perhaps we’ll see a return to an iPodderx kind of platform, and finally move away from the perceived dependence on itunes.

    That, or podcasting is dead – viva youtube!

  6. Clyde Smith Avatar

    Hey, shouldn’t we be talking about Leopard?

  7. Eric Rice Avatar

    Or, it’s not in there, -yet-.

  8. DJ Ready Cee Avatar

    just wanted to big you up on your podcast fam …definitely luv what you’re doin up there KEEP IT RIGHT!

  9. Jackson Avatar

    Oh well. So they aren’t encouraging/enabling their users to download 25MB-300MB files via their “Store” over the air. Imagine using Edge to get something like this anyway. It would take MANY, MANY hours anyway. On WiFi it would be faster, but again, this is a portable device in it’s infancy. I bet there’s a good reason (albeit one that none of us would like, but I bet there’s a reason). My first inclination would be to assume that they’ve left it out because the cellular providers are going to take a cut from all music sales that traverse their networks, so in anticipation of them getting better connectivity for their iPhone line (and future iPods), they’re leaving it out of the mobile store. Look at what Amazon’s doing, to consider where the iPod (Touch, etc) may be heading. Amazon has a device coming out that is essentially an eBook reader, that will also play audio. It will have FREE access to the Sprint 3G data network, for access to the Amazon store ONLY. This will let their customers (who invest in this device, which will undoubtedly be subsidized by future sales revenues) purchase their digital content on their viable, and potentially more diverse, digital content store. I can totally see the iPod doing that as well. If things even remotely work out for the iPhone, I see no reason why Apple couldn’t broker a similar deal to Amazon, to embed 3G modems in their iPods, to give their customers access to their store EVERYWHERE.

    Aside from all that, I have plenty more to bitch about in these new Apple devices (not that I don’t love them), like no A2DP (stereo bluetooth), no usb/bluetooth modem tethering, no SDK (I know it’s coming), they keep KILLING existing third party apps, no task/to-do list, no off-line (web-caching) version of their “web apps”, etc, etc, etc… the list goes on and on.

    The truth is, it’s JUST AS EASY to listen and/or watch podcasts on a new iPod Touch or iPhone as it ever was on a traditional iPod. Hell, it might be even BETTER for video podcasts than any previous iteration.

    For what it’s worth, I love your show and have enjoyed following your blog for upwards of at least a couple years now. I know we’ve spoken on a few occasions via email, but I just have to ask… What gives with the severe lack of new episodes? Are you un-inspired? Are you pre-occupied with other parts of your life? Are you worried the medium is dying? Do you just not enjoy it anymore? I don’t get it. You seem to have a good following, but I can’t imagine how well that will hold if you keep sliding as you are. Maybe you’re trying to weed out the recent/new-comers, or maybe you’re just not thinking about it enough? (maybe you think about it all the time). It’s sad, as my favorite podcasts all seem to be drying up. Mind you the tech podcasts all seem to be thriving, but I really, really miss your show (and some others that I won’t mention here).

    Come one, Julien… fuck the satellite networks and big sponsors (I know the Sirius gig is up, but you catch my drift). Come back…yell at us… preach to us… or just play some good fucking music! I’ll respect whatever you choose to do, but just know that you’re sorely missed.


  10. Cliff Ravenscraft Avatar

    I can’t imagine Apple getting rid of podcasting. I would say that they do indirectly profit from podcasting.

    I know many people disagree, but I believe that iTunes combined with an iPod is the easiest way to subscribe to, manage, and make your podcasts portable.

    BECAUSE OF PODCASTING, I purchased my first, second, third, and fourth iPods for my family. Because I fell in love with my ipods, I came to feel more comfortable with Apple as a company and purchased my first macbook this past June. All this because of podcasting.

    Not long after that, we purchased two iPhones for our family. And today, we are considering a purchase of another Mac computer for our FAMILY COMPUTER.

    NONE of this would have happened if it were not for Podcasting!

    I think they’ve profited a lot from me as a result. 😉


  11. Charles Avatar

    I bought the itouch because I wanted to be able to listen to CNN and other podcasts. I have a Nokia N810 Internet Appliance, but it can not get to the iTunes store. So I bought the iTouch.

    But the iTouch does not let me get to the iTunes University, or to the CNN Hourly News Update. I am quite disappointed about this, for AGAIN that is WHY I bought the iTouch.

    I’d like to hear from Apple to see if they are going to “fix” this limitation.

  12. Paul Avatar

    It’s here!! At last. The new version of software for the new I-touch has podcasting downloading built in with the I tunes store. And its really easy to use. It works like a dream!!

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