Google in China

Last month, there was this meme floating around– what would happen if Google had to do SEO for its own homepage. It was all a big joke, but now take a look at what they’re testing for China.

I think watching what they do is going to be really fascinating. They’re the underdog over there (with only 22% market shareBaidu has over 50%), so they have to try a bunch of different stuff. They’ve already basically admitted that their untouchable homepage may not be the best answer– it worked for the Western world, sure, but it may not for China. And their population is going to be undeniably powerful in the coming few years.

If you’re interested, take a look-see over here every few days. I’m sure it’ll be changing as they try and figure out what works. What’s really fascinating is that the page is starting to look a lot like Yahoo looks right now— trying similar tactics, maybe?





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  2. EB Avatar

    The official site of google china is which is still the original google style. and this page you mentioned is the new service (well not quite like a service…) google china launched here. Google china is getting criticised for this kind of “degradation” but umm…There are plenty of web-users here in china who only view a couple certain sites or just log on to play games. They don`t know how to use serch engine.

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