On changing directions

This video was made after breakfast, reading Sylvain Carle’s chapter from the book with the coolest flash widget EVER (which you can see on the right if you’re on the blog).

Anyway, check the fucking video.





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  1. Michel Leblanc Avatar

    Dear Julien

    It’s always nice to hear your bulshit. Thanks for the plug and apreciation of our collective piece of work, or as you might say in a positive tone, bulshit….

  2. Julien Avatar

    heh heh. no problem. i haven’t read your chapter yet, michel, but i’m sure it’ll be AWESOME. 🙂

  3. Martin Ouellette Avatar

    Hey! Thanks for the comment : « coolest flash widget ever », I’ll share it with the team.

  4. Coop Avatar

    True story.

    Nobody cares about crappy livejournalesque “this is what I ate for breakfast” blogs. People do care about niche/topic blogs. Problem being you can only write about one topic so much before you start to go mad.

    I’ve noticed people branching out and starting new blogs covering whatever new topic they are into while their old stuff starts to stagnate.

  5. Marie-Eve Avatar

    From one of the two mothers of the “coolest flash widget EVER”, thank you! 😉

  6. Phase deux de l’aventure de «Pourquoi bloguer dans un contexte d’affaires».

    Je viens d’aller mettre à la poste quelques boîtes contenant les livres vendus en ligne à une multitude de gens qui se sont prévalus de l’offre d’une dédicace. Avec la fin de cette semaine, je peux di…

  7. Todd Avatar

    I am totally with Coop – I’ve sort of let my blog stagnate over the past year or so (with a few “what I ate for breakfast” entries, sadly) for just that reason. I feel I don’t have much more to say.

    I get it about the betrayal part. Between 1999-2001, Sage, our son Paul, and I lived in a yurt in the woods – no electricity, no running water, but a friend who could recharge our laptop batteries and let me upload a blog entry now and again. After 2 years, for a number of reasons we moved into a small house in a nearby town. One reader wrote a truly angry letter saying that she felt betrayed and unsure of who I really was after the move. Was I a hippie, was i working for “the man”, was I going “back to the land” or not? So people definitely take that whole staying true to one’s former self seriously.

    The question I have is how does one balance staying true to one’s former self with the need for evolving content?

  8. Jackson Avatar

    Glad to hear you’re thinking about that. It’s important, but at the same time I know you need to do whatever makes you happy. It’s a delicate balancing act… but one thing’s for sure, you have a readers/listeners/viewers…. and people are still interested in hearing from you. Don’t let that die… because it’s not something that’s easily re-created. I’m not saying you couldn’t do it, I’m just saying it’s difficult. Besides, people enjoy it… hopefully you did too at some point (maybe you still do? I don’t know)

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  9. Rob McDougall Avatar


    We have sometimes talked about how you have built up an audience. Like Jackson, above, I think that it is an amazing, important, but in the end finite resource. It needs feeding!

    Now, perhaps your sporadic video blogging is just some tool to hype up your hard-core fans (before launching some new product/podcast) – but I get the feeling that you’re searching for that special something to create – perhaps you’re bored of your old format, or have somehow lost your confidence – I just hope you work out what it is you want to do – like Jackson said, don’t let it die!

    Peace 🙂

  10. Sylvain Carle Avatar

    Thanks Julien, I will be sure to remember these wise words… “my hand is fucking cold”, those are words to live by!

  11. Pourquoi visualiser dans un contexte d’affaires

    On a déjà parlé ici de la bannière qui se trouve en haut à droite de cette page.

    Elle suscite beaucoup d’intérêt. Certains l’appellent un widget comme si son côté applicatif la rendait tellement intéressante qu’il ne pouvait plus s’agi…

  12. Why visualize?

    We spoke, a little while ago of the banner you can see on the top right corner of this page.

    A lot of people have shown interest towards it. Some call it awidget as if it’s applicative nature made it too cool to be a mere banner. A journalist even …

  13. Vergel E Avatar

    Life gets in the way… and for many reasons it’s hard to stay that centered on a topic for a blog / podcast / or other media project. Having respect for your audience, for your craft and for the time you put into it so far is the first “a ha” moment to help bring it all back into perspective.

    None of this is an instant overnite experience. All of our projects have taken hours, days, years to hone into what they are. It will take just as long to evolve re-direct and re-interoperate into whatever it will become next. Instead of living and working at internet speed… slow down and live life and share more of those in-between points.

    It’ll give your work more body, give your audience more time to prepare, act and react. And give you more options as to what directions you might go in.

    If you create, post, and evolve in stops and starts…. it betrays the whole experience and the time and energy it’s taken to get this far along.

  14. Alexandra (Fido remember?) Avatar
    Alexandra (Fido remember?)


    You are SO adorable! You deserve to be nominated as a Sexy Geek!


  15. The DawG Avatar


    I dig what you said and it kept me in deep thought. I am also a 26 yr old over archiver who breaking through walls to make my dreams come true. I agree and can apply what you said to every aspect in my world/life.

    Must stay true to self and keep a connection with people. Im sOoooooo fOcused man and going further than anyone one else in my breed!!!!!

    stay cool man

    The Dawg!!!

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