One Laptop Per Child

I just placed an order for the One Laptop Per Child program. It’s 400 bucks well spent, and I recommend you do the same. It’s available as of today for the US and Canada. You get two right now under their Give One, Get One program.

In addition, if you Canadians can find a way to get an American to place the order (like I’m doing), you’ll get yourself free wifi at T-Mobile hotspots for a year. If you travel enough, that alone is worth the price of the machines.

Also, as Chris Penn put it, marketers have yet another reason to buy the machines: Thousands of them will be coming online during the holidays, so getting to know them is a great idea.

Anyway, so I get one of them, and the second one I buy is automatically going to someone in need, which I feel great about. Go and order one today.





7 responses to “One Laptop Per Child”

  1. Marie-Eve Avatar

    There’s a one laptop group on Facebook, btw.

  2. Clarence Avatar

    That’s big-league, Julien. I’m glad you’re participating as well!

  3. Matt Avatar

    These look awesome. And I think it’s a fantastic program. You should do a review of the laptop on your blog when you get it.

    btw, I think there’s a glitch with your ‘Give one Get one’ link.

  4. Julien Avatar

    thanks, i fixed it. and i totally will do a review.

  5. Thoreau Avatar

    The One Laptop Per Child is indeed an innovative idea produced by the geniuses (I don’t mean this sarcastically) at MIT. However, a major flaw and concern is, “What about America’s improverished people?” The idea of giving a laptop to every child is a very nice one, but some of our own should be considered too.

  6. chad Avatar

    where can i order one?

  7. isa yahaya jibril Avatar
    isa yahaya jibril

    this is a commendable project since it ll enhance our education especially in developing nations were very few can afford the laptop. we can do nothing but thank you gys for this. i’m a 400level student studing human anatomy at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. what i’ll whant to know is how do i apply for the OLPC project. thanks alot.

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