Automatic Twitter friend adder… awesome 😛

If you know Chris Penn, you probably know about Myspace friend adder applications. Basically, these applications log onto Myspace for you, add friends, comment on their pages, etc. I don’t know who uses these anymore, but guess what? Now you can get one for Twitter.

I’m not going to link to the site (remember, every link is a vote), but by typing in into your address bar (no dot between “www” and “twitter”), you can find it.

It adds 20 random Twitter friends for you. Imagine that.





9 responses to “Automatic Twitter friend adder… awesome :P”

  1. Christopher S. Penn Avatar

    Funny stuff, man. The things people will think of.

  2. Vergel Evans Avatar

    call me a tinfoil hat person… but aren’t you concerned with the whole username/password request on the site? it’s not SSL and the trust factor is low (IMHO) that they won’t use it for some sort of spam later on.

    Do ppl really need 20 random friends on twitter?

  3. Jon L. Avatar
    Jon L.

    So scammy :(. I would bet that some day one of those developers is going to fall on hard times and sell that list of usernames and passwords.

  4. Dan Patterson Avatar

    Just make sure you don’t stray too far to the Dark Side, my friend. …that goes for you too, Chris. Neat trick, though. Thanks.

  5. Steven Mansour Avatar

    Can we get a real-life automatic friend adder? I grow weary of having to actually meet, befriend, speak to and hang out with people.

  6. Paul Avatar

    Don’t worry I run the site for fun and seriously not going to be making any money out of the names, think about it.

    Perhaps I’ll run up some SSL if you like

  7. Keral Patel Avatar

    The site is already closed.

  8. Twitter bots Avatar
    Twitter bots

    What if you could get hundreds of followers?
    There are lots of twitter friend adder bots, but how long will they work?
    One example is
    Would you use such a thing?

  9. Lewis Smile Avatar

    I wouldn’t use this tool in a million years. Giving your username and password away on any old site that pops up is not a wise thing to do at all :s

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