The EarIdeas challenge

Ok, so Hugh‘s new site EarIdeas has a challenge: Name the best podcasts you know of, and Hugh promises to listen to them and add them if they’re up to par. (EarIdeas wants to provide novices with great first experiences when listening to audio on the web.) So, here we go– I’ll tag a few people afterwards to keep it going.

  1. Search Engine: Full of awesome ideas, incredibly well-produced, etc. Altogether favourite show right now. (Thanks to Mitch for the reco.)
  2. The Nothing Show: Tim Coyne and Dave Delaney talk about whatever shows up on their twitter lists. I know this sounds idiotic, but it’s fucking hilarious. Just trust me.
  3. DYKC: Do You Know Clarence is under 10 minutes of just straight talk. Short podcasts have been having their way with me these days, so Clarence has my respect for producing good content without needing to listen for 45 minutes.
  4. Creepy Sleepy Show: Dan Patterson has been doing this forever and hasn’t gotten enough respect. It’s the only political show I can actually listen to. The latest show was over an hour, which breaks my “short podcast” rule, but it was still really good.

I know I should have five right now, but I’m in a kind of rush, so four will have to do. And since I’ve named five people already in this post, those will be the people I tag: Mitch, Dave, Tim, Clarence, and Dan. Move it!





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  1. Mitch Joel - Twist Image Avatar

    Thanks Julien.

    I promise to Blog about this (I promised Hugh too). Now, with your choices, I have to find some new gems 🙂

  2. Dan Patterson Avatar

    Thanks for the mention, Julien. I love this idea and will post my own list this evening.

    The long show thing – and a driving theme with Creepy Sleepy in general – has been to break the monotony of formats. Though an hour is a lot to ask a listener to invest, the listener also knows that the show was not produced with marketing as a primary goal. It’s an hour, but it’s an honest hour.

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  4. Dave Delaney Avatar

    Thanks for the link love for The Nothing Show Julien. The show is actually based on an old improv comedy bit called “Sentences”. More on that here:

    Ok. I’m up for this challenge and will post something on my blog tomorrow.

    Thanks for keeping in real man. Thanks HUGH too!


  5. Tim Coyne Avatar

    Shit! I don’t really blog but there’s tons of stuff I’d love to pimp. I’ll check out Hugh’s site and see if I can contribute some stuff I’m totally diggin’.

    I’ll tell you what I miss – IN OVER YOUR HEAD.

    You’re the best Julien.


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