Birds in Austin (video)

Check out the number of birds that show up in Austin, TX, during this time of year. I’ve never seen anything like it.





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  1. Justin Simonsen Avatar
    Justin Simonsen

    I’ll I’m saying is I hope you got on a hat dude!

  2. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Went to visit my grandma on the coast here in England back when I was a kid and there were millions of seagulls in the air, all flying in formation. Amazing!

    Hope you’re having fun in Austin 🙂

  3. DHP Avatar

    Birds. See the birds? There are birds everywhere.

    Do yo feed the birds? Is there a park bench? Do you sit on the park bench and feed the birds?

    Birds. Everywhere. Birds.

  4. Rachel Avatar

    It’s really a weird thing. I used to live there and always thought it was strange how many birds there were. Now we’ve moved further South and there are even MORE birds down here! It’s a crazy Texas thing I think.
    But the neatest are the bats under the Town Lake Bridge. People come from all over and gather to watch this huge multitude of bats come flying out from underneath the bridge at sunset.

  5. Tanya Avatar

    And the scientist chimes in; the birds are there because of migration. So all the birds that were hanging out in canada, etc, have flown south and Texas is a great place for them, and that’s why there are even more birds south of there.

  6. Stephan Avatar

    They appear to be Grackles (

    They’re a real nuisance in Texas, especially in densely populated areas.

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