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Probably the best gift I got this Xmas was Phaidon’s amazing book, Sculpture Today. For anyone that doesn’t know, Phaidon books are unbelievable– well made books that discuss art and design at depth. Great stuff– get one for the art lover in your family.

I’ve been interested in sculpture for a long time. In college I pursued a brief Fine Arts career, which ended with me pussying out over the amount of sweat involved in sculpting metal. But I’ve been impressed by large-scale stone, concrete, and metal work since I don’t know when.

Last year, because of my girlfriend (who also gave me the book this Xmas), I became interested in Land Art as well. I knew then that my passion for this kind of stuff hadn’t died. I don’t know where it’s going, either, but I do feel like it’s going somewhere.





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  1. Julien Avatar

    awesome video dude. thanks. 🙂

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