I blow it on live TV?

So I’m on this CBC show Test the Nation on January 20th. I’m really not sure what it’s about, but it’s with a ton of other bloggers including Amber Mac, Andy Nulman, and tons of others (there is, in fact, a whole blogger ‘team’). I imagine I’ll basically annihilate any chance of my team winning.

Anyway, it’s being filmed live, so I won’t get a chance to see it. If someone from Montreal could TiVo it or whatever, it would be awesome.

Update: Hugh McGuire would also like to inform you that he is also on the show. So there we go. So is Craig Silverman, for that matter, and we’ll probably get wasted while we’re there if he has anything to do with it. 🙂





13 responses to “I blow it on live TV?”

  1. Mat Avatar

    gak! that may well be the cheesiest posed photo i’ve ever seen.

    (well, i’m sure there’s one even cheesier of me floating around somehwere…)

  2. hugh Avatar

    what am i, chopped liver?

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  4. Julien Avatar

    @hugh – ok dude. i added your name because you’re super awesome.

  5. Tim Coyne Avatar

    Awesome. I hope I can see this somehow.

  6. Matt Avatar

    who are those people? at least they didn’t ask you to pose for that photo. so far you are unscathed.

    if i had a TV i would totally watch this!

  7. Andrew Avatar

    I can’t believe I didn’t get an invite. Rubbish.

    Also, Amber Mac used to stalk me on myspace. I confronted her about it, and then I agreed to doing it with her in the washroom to placate her. For sympathy sex, it wasn’t half bad.

    Anyway, I’ll definitely tune into this.

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  9. Allan Avatar

    Since you’re not sure what it’s about, julien, maybe I can help.
    We have to answer multiple choice question about trivia gleaned from the 21st century. It’s a 2-hour show, and there’ll be food and hopefully bathroom breaks.
    Hope that clears it up for you.
    Best of all, you’ve have a chance to meet Tod Maffin.
    And Amber is expected as well, possibly looking for a better experience than she had with Andrew.

  10. Saskboy Avatar

    See you at the CBC; I’m on the team too.

  11. Rebecca Avatar

    Cool, just checking out all the other blogger’s sites. Will see you there next weekend!

  12. Boris Anthony Avatar

    oh snap! nice hahahaha
    someone rip this and put it on Youtube please? kthxbai

  13. Michelle Sullivan Avatar

    ‘Fess up, Julien : was the keyboard prop your idea? Or did you just agree to become a CBC prop dept boy toy?

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