God, this guy is incredible

Andrew said it best:

You look at this man, his obvious intelligence, his benevolence, his values, and not least of all, his charisma, and you just know he’s a born leader. He’s going to be the man that changes the way the world looks at America, and hopefully the way America looks at the rest of the world.





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  1. hugh Avatar

    i urge caution.

  2. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Yet another opposition politican telling the voters everything that’s wrong with the country, and how they’d make it better.

    We don’t go for that in the UK anymore!

    But, I really do think he’s the best hope the US has got at regaining some credibility on the world stage.

    I just hated watching that speech, where he was trying to be earnest and battling against this whooping mass of Amerians…!

  3. John Meadows Avatar

    Even if he does get elected, how much of the standard political machinery, the vested interests, etc. will still be coming along for the ride?

    I am not sure how much of the dysfunctional condition of the US can be solved by one person. There are too many people getting rich from the current chaos and climate of fear.

  4. Valerie Avatar

    Being from the States, I’m with Hugh.

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  6. Mozai Avatar

    Have you seen George W Bush’s speeches from when he was running for governor of Texas? Smart, charismatic, passionate… nothing like the irritable bumbler that we see today in the state of the Union addresses.

    Even Machiavelli couldn’t predict who would make a good prince.

    …. heh. “Fuddy-duddy.”

  7. Andrew Avatar

    Everyone here makes valid points that to a degree, I agree with. The problem is that the alternative is so much worse. I don’t believe that the democratic primaries are about the lesser of two evils. But at this point in time, to be sitting on the fence projects indifference. And indifference is the last thing that America, as a whole, needs right now.

    Then again, what do I know?

    /stupid Canadian

  8. Matt Avatar

    Not that my caution matters a wit in presidential politics, but I’m really curious to know why Hugh urges caution.

    One problem with the left is they find faults in everything. Instead of strongly resolving to back a candidate, they’ll acknowledge the complexity of these issues the wrong way – by splitting their votes between Obamas, Naders, Edwardses, and Clintons.

    Then the whole world gets Bush.

  9. Andrew Avatar


    I think that’s what I meant to say in that garbled mess above your post. I think the blinding fluorescent lights are frying my brain.

  10. Christopher S. Penn Avatar

    Pay less attention to the speaker and more attention to the fervor of the crowd.

    That’s a crowd that is ENERGIZED.

  11. Schyler Avatar

    Sorry, gotta disagree here. I’m from the U.S., and I’m not sure how it looks from the outside, but Ron Paul is America’s best chance. Obama has no straight priorities, he’s idenitifying every problem correctly and suggests all the wrong solutions. Even so, he’s better than Hilary Clinton. And McCain. And Romney. I guess he’s actually my second contender, but in a race as bad as this, that’s nothing to boast about. Ron Paul 2008!

  12. hugh Avatar

    @matt & @julien: i am just a pessimist. i’d vote for the guy.

    and i suspect in a year i would feel disappointed – that’s the nature of politics. but yes, at this stage, better than the alternatives, in my estimation.

  13. Jackson Avatar

    I’d agree with you on that. He definitely carries himself well, and sways people everywhere he speaks. However, only time will tell if we’re making a good decision so support him.

    On an unrelated note: Julien, do you think you’ll ever pick up the podcast again? Are you tired of the medium? What’s the dillio, yo?

    Talk to you later! Be well.

  14. Dan Patterson Avatar

    I’ve seen almost every major presidential candidate speak. I’ve seen the audience reaction to the candidates. No one – NO ONE – elicits the reaction Obama does, and no one has his charisma.

    … and that freaks me out. Charisma is more than a little scary, and Obama has that in spades. I know his policy people, and they are very intelligent (except his military people – they sucks). Obama’s policies are almost exactly the same as Clinton’s

    What I’m worried about is that Obama is running on a platform based on emotional connection. How long can this last? What dirt to the Republicans have on him? WHEN is he going to articulate policy positions?

    Obama is attractive. He is intelligent. This is obvious. But who is he? What does he stand for?

    I’m simply playing devil’s advocate here, and most certainly am looking at this through a soda straw – I don’t know how people outside the process actually think. But I do know that from the inside, the amount of emotion he generates based on so little actual policy is scary. I won’t be voting for him.

  15. Dan Patterson Avatar

    @schyler I must disagree re: Ron Paul. He has certainly captured the public’s imagination, and that is commendable. He is sincere and tells the truth as he sees it.

    However, close attention to his proposed policy positions will illuminate some unsettling issues. Eradicating the cabinet is not only impractical, it’s irresponsible. Failure to engage in foreign policy is reckless and also impractical. Ron Paul sounds good, and I commend him for speaking truth to power, but he simply would be a terrible choice for president.

    By the way, I have some video of Obama in NH that I’ll throw online soon. @chrispenn – the crowd was INSANE.

  16. Boris Avatar

    Mmmm you like-a dah purple kool-aid eh?

  17. Schyler Avatar

    @ Dan
    Yes, of course Ron Paul has some problems as well, among them being those that you mentioned. However, I personally see him as the only candidate who would do more good than bad in office. I mean, c’mon, who says that Obama will end all U.S. military affairs? Sure, he’ll pull out of Iraq, but there’s never been more than a few months of peacetime for us U.S. folks, and Obama’s not gonna make any exceptions. He sees logic in going to Iran, and he’s definitely not talking about pulling unnecessary troops in Germany and Japan that are STILL stationed years after wartime with those countries. Just some thoughts, these elections really don’t end up meaning half of the amount of weight we put on them, or at least not for us.

  18. Jujupiter Avatar

    Obama sounds nice. But I don’t trust him. Of course, any Democrat would be better than a Republican at this very crucial moment. But I trust Hillary Clinton more.

    Bitches get things done!

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