P.S.: I’ve started doing podcasts again

… and you can thank Neil Gorman and Nokia. Listen to see why. (The music is by Greydon Square… thanks Tim.)

The RSS feed is still here.

Also, for the next 3 months or so, Nokia is sponsoring the show. They sent me an N810 and I chat about it a bit in the thing. You can use the code “inoveryourhead” if you’re going to buy one, it’ll give you a 15% rebate on it (which is cheaper than Amazon).

So the plan is to do them every 10-14 days or so… feel free to harass me if I don’t (Podshow will, otherwise). 🙂



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25 responses to “P.S.: I’ve started doing podcasts again”

  1. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Great stuff. I shall be listening on my next cycle run 🙂

  2. Justin Avatar

    Oh good you’re still alive! I was afraid the Church of Scientology had taken you. And your blog and email was being updated by an alien.

    Harassment? Make another mixtape!! NOW!! (please) You know I have nothing but love for this show and it’s the inspiration for the mickeymouse podcast my cousin and I do. Your mixtapes are gold. GOLD Julien.

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  4. Robert Nelson Avatar

    Thanks for coming back with the show, you seem to have a lot of it correct. As a 33 year old male who sits way to much in front of a computer its fun to listen, not only to the music but also the commentary, especially considering I am not really a huge hip-hop fan. Its also nice to hear that others struggle or at least think about what they should be doing as they get older. Personally I am still trying not to conform. I want to work on my terms.

  5. Bastich Avatar

    I quit religion on my 30th b-day last January, and when I tune in to my first IOYH podcast, you just returned from a hiatus and talked about God and doubt (and atheism) in your opening bit. Great timing, Julien!

    I never listened to hip hop before, but your choice of music is better than the things out there.

    Oh, yeah, you can thank Neil Gorman [www.neilgorman.org – not dot com, Julien, correct your link. :)], he turned a lot of Comicology fans to your podcast.

  6. Sylvain Grand'Maison Avatar

    Jules It’s good news that you started kickin’ ass again. See you at PodCamp Toronto.

  7. jonathan Avatar

    it’s about fucking time!!

  8. Vesa Loikas Avatar

    Great that your back. I’ve missed your podcasts and especially your great philosophical insights! Greetings from the land of Nokia, Finland! Put up a donate button via paypal or something if that’s a way to keep you podcasting.

  9. Jackson Avatar



    It’s so weird, as I was rebuilding my Mac this weekend, with a fresh copy of Leopard (because I had a massive meltdown of 3 hard drives last weekend), and as I’m manually adding all of my podcasts back, I added yours and it immediately showed me an episode from the 14th of THIS MONTH. I almost shat myself. I figured it must be an iTunes glitch/bug, but I looked anyway, and there it was! A new episode from Julien. I just posted a question on your blog recently… so I’m very happy to see this!

    Congrats on the new sponsorship. I hope the lack of sponsors wasn’t what was preventing you from doing the show again up until this point. That would be total suckage, in my opinion (but then again, you know what they say about opinions…)

  10. Terrence Avatar

    I missed your show. Good choice on the music.

  11. Robert Avatar

    Fucking a man, fuc-king-a.

  12. Deniz Avatar

    So here’s the thing, I’ve always loved your intro music and wanted the album, and I’ve never been able to understand what the name is, seeing as my ability to translate French speech into French text is virtually nil.

  13. Joel Avatar

    You know, it’s funny. I listened to this podcast on Saturday night. Then on Sunday morning, completely out of the blue, my girlfriend decided to take me out for dim sum for the first time EVER. And boy did it suck. There’s just something not right about eating deep-fried seafood for breakfast. And the stuff they call pork, i’m pretty sure none of that “meat” ever came from anything resembling a pig.. It was fucking gross.

    Also, thank you for finally podcasting again. It’s totally awesome to hear new stuff from you again!

  14. Alex Avatar

    Great to have your show back, love the tracks. I’m also back living in Austin, it feels great to be back in America. drop me an email some time, we’ll grab a beer, maybe even go see a hip hop show.

    Hopefully I’m not telling you something you already know but when you get a chance check out the artist K’naan, it’s some hot hot shit.

  15. Pascal Avatar

    Nice to see you back online with your podcast.

  16. Dave Delaney Avatar

    Dude, I may not have emailed you bugging you for a new ep’ of IOYH, but you best know that I have been waiting like the rest of these peeps.

    I must say Greydon Square owes you some cred, I just bought his album.

    Keep your shows up dude, just hit record and go. I recall episodes where you had no music at all, if so, that’s life. It’s about you dude, not the music, but the music is a sweet added bonus!

    From your 35 year old, white, family man,

    See in Austin sucker 🙂

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  18. Dave LaMorte Avatar

    Someone has earned a hug!!

  19. chris yale Avatar

    Great to hear from you again dude. Missed ya!

  20. Marko Avatar

    Great material as always and it reminded me of many incredibly stimulating conversations that I’ve had in the past. The music was very cool as well. (I listened to all of it this time) Glad to hear your ‘here’. Best! M

  21. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Great to hear your show, I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it 🙂

    Not to detract from your return, but there was some buzz all the way through your speaking (I’m hearing it right now at 13:00), thought you’d like to know 🙂

    Keep up the good work, and yes you ARE good at it!

  22. Deniz Avatar

    You shouldn’t have put this show out. Castro resigned just to fuck you over.

  23. Dave Avatar

    Great to hear you back, Julien. Good music, too.

  24. jonathan Avatar

    i don’t know what’s wrong with the chinese in austin but boston’s chinatown has great dim sum… there is gross stuff but also great dumplings all the morning long, beef, pork, chicken, sweet stuff. mmmmmm.

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