Fasting: What it’s like

I mentioned in my podcast last week that I’d been fasting for weight loss. I’m doing that again today and, let me say, the results are very interesting.

I used to be addicted to feeling full. My girlfriend can attest that, before this, I used to be unable to go to sleep without eating something in order to not feel hungry. It was probably costing me a few extra hundred calories a day which, over time, definitely helped me put on a few pounds.

This has changed a lot. This is my second fast– I haven’t eaten in almost 24 hours now, and feel totally fine with the ‘discomfort’ that occurs from being hungry. In fact, I’m more comfortable with hunger than I’ve ever been in my life. It’s almost relieving.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how I’m doing this, I recommend looking at Brad Pilon’s blog— I’m following what he wrote in his book Eat Stop Eat, which was super informative. I’ll probably blog about it a few more times too, as I adjust to it and see what effect it has on my system.





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  1. m-c Avatar

    i know this is done by many people since years, as a way to detoxify the body, and to give it a break… I heard that afterwards, you taste everything like crazy, that your taste is heavily altered by the fact of eating non stop 365 days a year, so stoping eating does the effect of resetting the body…

    Good luck!

  2. texafornia Avatar

    I’ve been following your show for a long time and am excited to hear that you’re in Austin. I live 90 miles to the east in College Station. I do a show called Zen and the Art of Triathlon and would love to meet up with you sometime to shoot the shit and talk tech and Tex-ass. I sometimes mention some of the stuff you talk about and my listeners dig it. I roll through Austin every so often, so I hope to meet you soon.



  3. Ella Avatar

    Fasting, sure. But YOU are fasting to lose weight? Man, all that time in the states must be taking more of a toll on you than I thought. 😉

  4. Julien Avatar

    it’s actually fasting to lose *fat*, not weight. basically to be more ripped.

  5. Autonom Avatar

    I once fasted for 4 days while out on a solo in the wilderness (long story). Not eating and no human contact for so long made life seem so much better. I would say it made everything taste better but I had been in the wilderness hiking for 2 weeks by then so everything already tasted great. I swear, grape jam was like nectar from the gods.

    If you’re trying to bulk up (beefcake), having a good layer of fat to start actually helps.

    If you’re trying to get cut, eat after a workout and never less than 4 hours before, do cardio at around 165 bpm heart rate (moderate jog), and eat lots of Vit C (2000mg day) to boost metabolism.

    I’ve been both ripped and cut (I prefer cut) before and I live in the states ;). BTW, being ripped will get lots of compliments from other guys, being cut gets lots of comments from the chicks.

  6. […] I’m not a big drinker, so this shouldn’t be a big deal. I am allowing myself to have coffee or tea, but not to consume any calories, so no food can be eaten outside my house. If I’m not at home, no big deal, I just won’t eat. […]

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