“I hate cynicism. I wipe it from me.”

(From Kottke.) I love this quote from this Michel Gondry interview:

I hate cynicism. I wipe it from me. I don’t like cynical people. I don’t like cynical movies. Cynicism is very easy. You don’t have to justify it. You don’t have to fight for it.

I’ve seen people suggest it, but I have a hard time believing that optimism is genetic. My podcast is basically about complaining, but I remain a very optimistic person at the core, and I think it’s available to anyone. I also believe it’s gotten me most of what I have today.

FYI, you probably like Michel Gondry if you’re white.





12 responses to ““I hate cynicism. I wipe it from me.””

  1. Rob McDougall Avatar

    A friend showed me that same link about stuff white people like. I cringed, as I’d just been expressing to him, the day before, what a great director Gondry is!

    I get jealous of all his analogue animation experiments in his childhood…

  2. Ms. Information Avatar

    Perhaps it’s realism that’s genetic.

  3. Moses Avatar

    When you believe everybody is against you, that’s realism.
    When you believe they’re working together, that’s paranoia.

  4. texafornia Avatar

    Another good one is – “Happiness is available. Help yourselves.” Some Zen guy.

  5. jason {macedonia} Avatar

    i need to recite that quote in the mirror every workday morning before i leave for the job.

    and for the record, i’m not white and i adore Michel Gondry’s work…

  6. fdgsdfgs Avatar

    Actually cynicism is not easy. Whining and complaining is but real cynicism takes a higher level of intellect than just narcissism.

  7. fdgsdfgs Avatar

    Some of the best revolutionaries and satirists are masters of cynicism. Their art takes very much talent and study.
    I’d much rather face the truth than avoid it. How else can one evolve?

  8. fdgsdfgs Avatar

    And I guarantee those cynics under totalitarian regimes have died for it many times over the course of time.

  9. Autonom Avatar

    I think that idolizing cynical revolutionaries and satirists is like a photographer taking a really awe inspiring shot of a rusty nail. Just because it looks great doesn’t mean it is great. Isn’t their persona just a reflection of the conditions they exist in?

    What happens to them when the issues and ideas are resolved? Do they finally find happiness, do they just become cynical about not having anything to be cynical about anymore, or does the screen fade to black and display fin.

    For some reason this remind me of rappers who rap about poverty, the ghetto, and not having an equal opportunity at life who suddenly get signed and become rich. Do they fake it and try to act like they’re still ghetto? Do they sell out and let materialism consume them? Or do they walk away and refuse to change?

    Maybe that’s why the recording industry likes the fakers. At least, after they make all the money, they’ll still be fake.

  10. beware Avatar

    I try to keep my distance from cynical people, they usually attempt to block me from my goals and dreams, and without those, there is no reason to live. I do think a person can practice realism without being cynical, but this takes a higher level of language and intellect on both ends. Cynical people usually do not have the best interest in their surroundings as most are highly selfish, true friends should not come off as cynics. Cynicism is a choice in style, cynical people are choosing to be perceived as cynics whether they realize it or not. This alone should give a good clue about their narcissistic intents.

  11. Amy Avatar

    I believe that cynicism is the truth. That what one says and believes can sometime just be real.

  12. Emilie Avatar

    Cynicism is bad. It’s the fuel that this Julie woman ran on when she killed her two teen-aged offspring. Sure, her mother said it was because of depression, but that’s no excuse. It was cynicism that was the driving force.

    People everywhere think that cynicism is some sort of stupid fad, and unlike most fads, this one seems to last the longest.

    In fact, that’s probably why Platoon won all the Oscars in 1986, most, if not all, totally undeserved. I mean, Little Shop of Horrors (the 1986 musical version) is better because it’s only PARTLY cynical rather than entirely. Cynicism should only be in small doses, not overtaking something and giving you a horrible experience.

    You might think I’m stupid for saying all this, but, I’m just telling it like it is. Idealism is just as important, if not, more important.

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