MacBook Air: I has one

I’ll put out a review or something when I’ve fully completed setting it up. I have to say though, it is a pleasure to carry around… very light compared to my old machine.

Btw, this probably put me over the top (my roommate made it):





9 responses to “MacBook Air: I has one”

  1. Clarence Avatar

    Despite the fact I just purchased a 2.6ghz/4GB MBP after Christmas, I will be rocking my Macbook Air at SxSW — there is a story here, I just don’t know what it is (and I am sure there will be one after the event). See you there, bruh.

  2. Martin Avatar

    Julien, I now officially hate you. 🙂

  3. Moses Avatar

    The advertising claim may be true. Dude I know started buying xServers for rackmounting in his server room (actually a secured standing rack in his loft apartment in a warehouse. He assures me that his female clients would ask him about this new Apple hardware in husky voices and disguise purring noises.

    I didn’t believe him. Then his assistant (an amazon of a woman who wears corsets for fun) comes in after vacation, checks out OSX running on a remote terminal and breathes “oh, that *is* sexy.”

    MacBook Air might be this generation’s BMW car.

  4. Joel Avatar

    ooer, fancy! Did you get the 80Gb HDD or the 64Gb Solid State?? I’m VERY keen to hear what the SSD is like..

  5. Andy Avatar

    I’m jealous so I’m just going to play it down and point out that you bought into superfluous hype, becoming one of those remarkably unattractive fanboys who people, especially women – and even Mac owners alike are trying so hard to distance themselves from.

  6. Julien Avatar

    Hmmm, true, true… feels pretty good to be a tool, though. 🙂

  7. Andy Avatar

    Products are extensions of one’s self, and without them one’s self is less full. That will be $2000,please. kthxbye.

  8. Steven Mansour Avatar

    Products are extensions of one’s self […]

    No, tools are an extension of self.

    Products merely get women to sleep with you.

  9. Vero.b Avatar

    J’allais écrire que je suis jalouse de toi, mais c’est faux. Je t’envie.

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