So Akon’s prison time was entirely fabricated… now what?

The backstory is simple– Akon, who has sold a ton of albums (3 million of his second album, according to the story) has claimed this whole time that he spent three and a half years in prison for being the leader of a notorious car theft ring that focused on Porsches, BMWs, etc. etc. Problem is, it never happened.

Now, this just got out, so I don’t know anything about the reaction either Akon himself or his publicist, record company, etc. will have (they’ve already denied to comment), but as I see it, there’s only one solution, considering he’s in danger of becoming a 21st-century Milli Vanilli: to laugh it off.

The only move to save his career (and even then, we’ll see) would be, like: “Oh, you guys just figured this out? Huh, took you long enough, suckers.” Am I right? Because anything else will seem like backpedaling, he has no choice but to man up to the accusations and call everyone in the media an idiot for taking so long. Right? I mean, what else can he do?





9 responses to “So Akon’s prison time was entirely fabricated… now what?”

  1. Maria Avatar

    I already didn’t like his ass. I hope he gets shot.
    No one likes poseurs.

  2. Doug Grubbs Avatar

    Wow. What a douche.

    If this is true, and gets the media publicity it deserves, I think that there isn’t much he can do to save his career. Sounds like he might go the way of Ja Rule. I don’t know if laughing it off will convince many that this was a ruse. How about this, everyone listen to Sage Francis and Mac Lethal and get over the mainstream BS, everyone will be better off in the end.

  3. ichselbst Avatar

    hahaha, poor guy …
    his whole music is a lie, i bet he got 200 ghostwriter.
    “what? you thought i´m writing my lyrics myself? now you find out i do nothing myself? Huh, took you long enough, suckers.”

  4. Clyde Smith Avatar

    You’re right, he’s got to flip the script somehow but the longer he goes without a response the deeper he’s dug himself in.

    Somehow I feel like an artist that’s said those lies over and over and over again may not have the perspective to flip it in a workable manner.

  5. James Avatar

    I’m still trying to figure out why musicians need to have a criminal history to make music. I know I’m old school to the bone, but I don’t remember listening to The Fat Boys and wondering what kind of time they have served.

  6. Surprized Avatar

    “(they’ve already denied to comment)” No, they already declined to comment, not “denied”. Moron, learn how to use the English language. No one denies to comment, you can deny you commented, but you cant deny to comment.

  7. Akon's Ghostwriter 199 Avatar

    James, you are not old skool to any bone if the earliest you listened to was The Fat Boys. WOW. Also, anyone who publicizes (via their “lyrics”) their Gold Seal, is not a “musician” – you are making a lot of assumptions today!

  8. AudioManager Avatar

    Move the fucking cellphone away from the fucking laptop. Nobody at Rocketboom is approachable – horrible role models. If you want to even be better than them? Get a decent camera and stream it to sitckam or ustream or mogulus. And, yes, you probably have significant bone loss near your molars – hence your severe infectious pain you mentioned casually.

  9. Chapa Avatar

    I dont think this is not true………because is stupid saying that if is not true, because enyway people would listen their songs

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