Back when I was popular

The most downloaded show I’ve ever made was this one, a totally non-hiphop mixtape style thing I made about two years ago. People still ask me where the file is, how can they get it, etc., so I figured I’d make it available.

Download the set here.

P.S.: Portishead’s new album Third can be streamed in full at right now. Yeah, I know I’m old, thanks.






5 responses to “Back when I was popular”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    A perfect blog for Earth Day, Julien!

    Instead of manufacturing new content, you just recycled some old stuff.

    Good on you.

  2. Julien Avatar

    ha ha ha, thanks Andrew. 🙂

  3. Joel Avatar

    You know, i’m pretty sure you’d STILL be popular, if you just, you know, did a show every once in a while…

    I miss your stuff.. (sniff)

  4. paul merrill Avatar

    Found you via Dr. Chris Brogan.

    Very cool stuff you’re doing!!

  5. Schyler Avatar

    I still have that one. Good episode. I really enjoyed these mixes.

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