Podcamp Ottawa all-around

I took all these photo at Podcamp yesterday and stitched them together with my girlfriend just now. Pretty cool. Thanks to Mark etc. for organizing. Take a look up close, I think it’s worth it.





4 responses to “Podcamp Ottawa all-around”

  1. Susan Murphy Avatar

    That’s a great photo! Thanks for sharing it. Great to see you on Sunday!

  2. Clyde Smith Avatar

    First off, if it’s a Podcamp, where are their iPods?

    Second, did you know they make you sign in to Flickr to look at that?

    Third, did they ever give “my girlfriend” a human name or does she still go by generic labels?

  3. Rayanne Langdon Avatar

    This is awesome. Even though I have some sort of claw hand going on. Good to see you again.

  4. FANCY ANDY! Avatar

    “everyone in the room who has never experienced a moment of intimacy with another person, sit down.”

    It’s really hard to be both snarky and PC these days.

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