Attention 9/11 Truth Dudes

You have met your match. Expect the next 4/8 years to be filled with Obama conspiracy movies from the right, just like the left have their 9/11 truth and Federal Reserve movies. The following are expected to become popular. Just remember you heard it here first.

Obama is not a US citizen
Obama will take away citizens’ right to firearms
Obama is a secret muslim
– etc.





5 responses to “Attention 9/11 Truth Dudes”

  1. Justin Simonsen Avatar

    Good! I look forward to some other view points, just as long as the message isn’t funded by some right wing Christian fundamentalist zealots.

    I am looking forward to the message that our new puppet is the Manchurian Candidate. That would be awesome; or did I already miss that post?

  2. Clyde Smith Avatar

    The Obama rumors are kind of old at this point. They will grow among a certain segment of the population but they peeked in the popular realm during the election.

    Maybe the biggest difference between people concerned about 9/11 and those concerned about Obama’s background is that the former group includes many folks of a high education level, including some with well cultivated public brands, who honestly believe there are multiple unresolved disturbing elements to the 9/11 disaster while the second group doesn’t appear to have many members worth talking to.

    Comparing the two is kind of a diss against folks like myself but you know that already.

    I’ll let it go this time!

  3. Michelle Sullivan Avatar

    Actually I first heard this, first hand from one of the conspiracy mongers, right after Obama secured his party’s nomination. The woman on the phone (who I later figured out was from Kentucky thanks to the magic of reverse 411) said she was calling me because she saw I was an Obama supporter. (In reality, my name and phone number appear at the bottom of a press release for one of my clients who supplied an email marketing platform to an Obama-supporting grassroots fundraising organisation). Despite my attempts to cut the conversation short by explaining this .. and by explaining that as a Montrealer I had no influence in the results of her country’s election … she yammered on, saying she was a Clinton-supporting Democrat who would be casting her vote for McCain because she couldn’t bear to elect someone whose real name wasn’t even Barak Obama to the White House. She rambled on about citizenship and how there was a legal motion in (Ohio?) to bring all of this to light.

    I pointed out to her for the 10th time that the area code she was calling was in another country .. and that the citizens of the world could not all vote in US Presidential elections .. when she finally gave up with a huff and hung up on me.

    But not before I told her that I found it quite curious that the loyal Democrat she described herself to be could possibly bring herself to vote for a Republican.

  4. Julien Avatar

    Clyde: hehe, i happen to count myself among the 9/11 truth dudes. i was more trying to make an analogy between movements on both sides that hold unpopular viewpoints that will remain during probably the whole of the presidency.

  5. Clyde Smith Avatar

    Gotcha! Yeah, those aren’t going away. Between the people that really rabidly believe them and the people who benefit from their circulation, they’re just too good to let go.

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