A moment of confusion

My corner breakfast place has two bathrooms. Both were identical, and neither used to have signs. Last week, they put these up.

photo.jpg     photo-1.jpg

At first it’s clear, right? “Oh, this one is female and that one is… hey wait a minute.” Exactly.

There was a brief moment of zen (or something) when I saw this. It’s almost less about genders and more like “Which do you associate yourself with?”

So, which do you associate yourself with?





4 responses to “A moment of confusion”

  1. Erik Avatar

    Nice. Reminds me of bathrooms at White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia. They have four single-occupant bathrooms. They are labeled: pointers, setters, Republicans, Democrats. One guess which one is the last one to be occupied most of the time.

  2. Rob McDougall Avatar

    The right one is the girl.

    I think.

    At least, I would go left.

    Great idea – what did you find when you went inside? Were they both unisex?

  3. lynne Avatar

    i love it when thought takes me out of the “the box”. thank you. makes me think. association? in the end, they are the same. i’m both or neither. how can that be when for a mere moment(as you stated) i had a clear “box” thought?

  4. lanvy Avatar

    Doer vs Pooper (not necessary a literal sense)

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