Where the fuck are the great blogs

Ok, so me and Chris are chatting right now over the first draft of our final chapter and there’s a “Resources” section, of course, where we’re wanting to write all of these great blogs that we love.

Thing is, I’ve got like… 3, and I subscribe to 250.

Chris reads over 700. He can’t name any he really loves either.

So what’s the deal exactly? Is it like, we keep trying with our blogs and missing the mark? Have all the great posts been written? I know that usually, I subscribe to a blog because of one or two great posts, but then it just never keeps up, almost ever.


Do you have any great blogs? If you do, please enlighten us, because I’m seriously in the dark here.





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  1. Yann Ropars Avatar

    Thanks for the laugh. I was looking at your cluster map on the bottom left here. You need to write more blogs about north east Ukraine here and Central Africa… just saying.


  2. janet Avatar

    hi julien – just joined twitter and just saw Chris Brogan’s tweet and just clicked on and just decided to read your blog and so here i am answering your shoutout.

    personally, i think the randomness of the above transaction is the randomness of good blogs, which
    is why it’s going to really take a long time to learn the medium.

    just look at early TV. it was basically radio with a camera. it’ll come, but i’ve only found two blogs i ever return to, and those are just minor.

    i hit blogs and learn and then leave, which i think might be many people’s tatic at this point.

    it takes a lot of sweat, skill, money and effort to capture people’s imagination and following, randomness can get it’s attention.

    thx for asking the q: it’s a good one.


  3. Louise Fletcher Avatar

    It depends. Can they be about anything?

    If so. I think Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish is a genuinely great blog that never gets stale.

  4. Amber Naslund Avatar

    You know, I think the blogs I think are “great” are so because they have flashes of brilliance. If they were stunning all the time, it just wouldn’t be real somehow.

    I skim a lot of blogs. Several hundred. So it’s the posts that are great, not the blogs. No one is brilliant all the time, but the ones that stop me in my tracks are the ones that make me stop skimming and start reading. Really reading. And thinking.

    Some have more consistently great *moments* than others. But if you’re asking for a blog that’s always amazing, I don’t think it exists. They’re written by humans, after all. We can’t wow you all the time. 🙂

  5. Christopher S. Penn Avatar

    I read a metric crapload of economics blogs. Mish’s Global Economic Analysis, Financial Armageddon, etc. Mitch is always a good read, as are you and Brogan.

    I do this exercise twice a year with all my new media – I unsubscribe from everything. Then without looking, I resubscribe to what I can remember. If I can’t remember it, I don’t resubscribe to it because it wasn’t that important to begin with, clearly.

  6. Julien Avatar

    @chris penn — that’s good advice.

    @amber – why not? the economist is always good.

  7. gregorylent Avatar

    it’s all group mind in action ..

    it is the voice, not voices, that are important ..

  8. Brent Morris Avatar

    Off the top of my head, without digging through my feed reader, thr only thing that comes to mind is http://www.raphkoster.com/

    He’s a game designer and has been writing about game design theory, community building and virtual worlds and always stays interesting for me.

  9. Annette Schwindt Avatar

    The thing is that we are all humans. So if we write blogposts we cannot be brilliant all the time. Which means one would rather remember (and maybe love) a blogPOST than an entire blog.

    So probably your question needs to be changed to: What blog has offered me the most interesting blogposts – or – Which blog makes me think/laugh/agree/contradict/comment most?

    Just my five cents… 😉

  10. Clyde Smith Avatar

    Great blogs in general or great blogs in terms of your book agenda? Is this the prelude to death of blogging rant?

    By any chance have you just assumed blogs were great and now are moving towards a position like, “that’s like being an email expert, f*ck you,” to possibly misquote your buddy.

    Could you take that stance and still promote your book via blogs?

    Doh! Catch 22!

    I’ll be back with a list. I couldn’t bear to watch you guys embarrass yourself on your own blogs with a “blogging is dead” position!

    [my tongue’s firmly in cheek but never in check!]

  11. Bill Deys Avatar

    I think that for the most part a lot of people are writing a lot of good content. Problem is that it’s not consistent, you’ll get a dozen posts from one blog and a few are outstanding, the rest are OK.

    What I’ve found is best is connecting with people and reading their shared items through Google Reader. There are a lot of great blogs I don’t subscribe to, I get their top content shared by my “friends.”

    Also PostRank can help a lot!

  12. Clyde Smith Avatar

    The problem with a list of great blogs is that no one usually defines what they mean by great. So I’m presenting a random assortment of the first blogs I could come up with that I think are great based on three principles:

    I know it when I see it.
    It still makes me go, “damn, that’s a good blog”.
    If I can’t find it quickly, it must not still be that important to me.

    12 Great Blogs

    Counterfeit Chic

    FOBBDeep: Fear of a Brown Blogger

    Global Guerrillas

    introverted loudmouth, nice guy.

    kiss my black ads

    No Promise of Safety

    NotoriousBIG @ Twitter



    Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog

    Seth’s Blog

    Wooster Collective

    Oh, by the way, Bloglines sucks ass!

  13. Jim Milles Avatar

    Frankly, I get tired of all the discussion that assumes that social media equals marketing/branding/PR. PR is just one industry–one use–out of an infinity of possible uses of social media. “Social media experts” who conflate all applications of social media into marketing are marginalizing themselves and will in the long run make themselves irrelevant.

  14. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Top of my blog chart is KitsuneNoir – by which I mean that I find myself actually interested in the majority of what Bobby writes….


    That and ISO50:


    I would agree with Bill that they’re not particularly consistent…!

  15. Mack Collier Avatar

    I think that since we now have multiple channels to share conversations, the blogs may be getting the short-end of the stick sometimes. I know for me, a lot of my posts were inspired by conversations that happened first on Twitter. Around 2005 or 2006, if you wanted to have a conversation and express yourself, it had to happen on your blog. Now the blog is usually the 2nd or 3rd place a conversation happens.

    Probably my favorite blog of all-time was Creating Passionate Users, and of course Kathy isn’t blogging anymore, but she’s sparking some amazing conversations on Twitter. Her channel has changed as well.

    I think it’s not so much ‘what are the great blogs’ anymore, but rather ‘who are the great conversationalists?’

  16. Phil Gerbyshak Avatar

    What is a “great blog” Julien? What are you looking for?

    I focus on the management and HR side of blogging, and I’ve found a TON of great blogs out there. Sure, some posts are better than others, but consistently, many turn out really good content.

    Maybe blogs are turning out to be more like newspapers, where you pick up the section you like and read it because you are interested in it and less that you are interested in the whole paper?

  17. Matt Avatar

    Okay I started listing them but it’s turning into a blog post.

    I’ll do up a post and you’ll probably see my 2 cents as a trackback.

  18. Patrick Avatar

    Umai Haque’s Edge Economy is fucking brilliant.
    I never tire of Daring Fireball.
    Haven’t been reading it for long so I couldn’t say long term but I’m regularly enjoying The [gb] Studio Blog.

  19. Christine Prefontaine Avatar
    Christine Prefontaine

    LOL. Looks like from these comments you have a shitload of blogs to scan through. Here’s one more: http://www.mirverburg.net/

  20. Gab Goldenberg Avatar

    Completely self-promotional, but you get nothing if you ask for nothing, so…

    I invite you to look at the testimonials category on my blog. Most of those are taken from either my comments section or 4Q visitor feedback forms.

    Then, check out the /ideas/ category and then try to tell me I’m not sharing new material :D.

    Rah Rah me! lol

    When’s the book due out anyways?

  21. Jeff Paul Scam Avatar

    It just shows the power of internet in making connections and ‘reaching out’ to people. I never cease to amaze me the power of internet marketing and promoting brands online.

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