Media Hacks podcast #1

Chris, Mitch, and I were on a podcast last week that we hope will become a regular thing. We’re titling it the Media Hacks podcast, because it’s about media, and because we’re hacks because you’ll hopefully get some cool tips out of the recordings we’ll doing.

Here’s the first episode— it included us three this time, but we’ll be adding CC, Chris Penn, and Hugh McGuire as core members in the next episodes. We’d like it to become a kind of Gillmor Gang style thing, with rotating guests, etc. It’s been fun so far, we really hope you tune in. 🙂

Update: It didn’t take long for the thing to be up before Mitch got a couple of comments about the swearing I do on the show. I have to say, it shocks me every time somebody says something, because I seriously do not notice that this happens, nor did I think it a big deal when I listened again. I hope you find the ability to look past that and into the actual content. Thx.





8 responses to “Media Hacks podcast #1”

  1. Bob Goyetche Avatar

    How can one not listen to this group?

    Looking forward to hearing this

  2. Dave Delaney Avatar

    Loved it Julien! Keep it up, with or without potty mouth 🙂


  3. Sylvain Grand'Maison Avatar

    If a bit of swearing keeps some people away from getting good content, they must be stupid or something.

  4. Patrick Avatar

    Why the fuck would I look past the goddamned swearing?? Crazy fuckers.

  5. Laurent LaSalle Avatar

    Why would this be on the same feed as Six Pixels of Separation?! You guys are a bunch of fucking opportunists…

  6. Mélanie Avatar

    La discussion à propos de la censure est vraiment intéressante. There’s a lot into that “line”, that filter, and the trust between the podcaster or the company and the audience. L’authenticité pèse lourd dans ce genre de relations, plus que les entreprises ne le croient.

  7. Guido from Boston Avatar

    So glad to hear you on a podcast again, I hope you can bring a little of your hip-hop styling to the show intro music… 🙂

    I totally fucking miss your podcast and intro music…

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