Media Hacks #3

Mitch, Hugh, Chris, and I got together last week at the Carnegie Deli in New York to record a Media Hacks episode during O’Reilly’s TOC Conference. You can listen to it here (and subscribe with iTunes here).

Everyone else ordered pastrami on rye. I ordered the club sandwich. You can see the results in the photo to the right.

Feel the power of the sandwich. I know I did.





5 responses to “Media Hacks #3”

  1. Whitney Avatar

    I’ve always felt their food should not be called “sandwiches” but rather “lots of food, mascarading as a sandwich, which is easier to eat with a knife and fork.” I mean- seriously, who can take a bit of something that is literally about a foot tall?

  2. Guido Avatar

    that’s one monster sized sandwich…

  3. hugh mcguire Avatar

    You know, that pic does not even come close to doing justice to that sandwich. it looks big, but its true scale cannot be appreciated from this photo. it is literally a foot tall. that’s the height of a ruler, except in sandwich form. it’s madness.

  4. blork Avatar

    That just seems wrong. A club sandwich, when properly made, can be transcendental. But how often do we get spoofed by having BIG presented as a substitute for GOOD? Too often!

    Pastrami (or smoked meat) is different. A sandwich like that is all about one thing: the quality of the meat. Size is irrelevant, because it’s all about getting that meat (and maybe a bit of bread and mustard, for the sake of variety).

    But other types of sandwiches, such as the venerable club, should be made with more care and respect. To wit; Nigel Slater on the classic club sandwich:

    “The toast and bacon slices should be crisp, the chicken moist from a freshly roasted bird, and the mayonnaise homemade or Hellman’s at the very least.”

    It needn’t be big. Nay, it SHOULDN’T be big. In fact, the orginal club wasn’t even a triple decker.

    Just sayin’… 😉

  5. Brett Avatar

    Stumbled across this podcast just the other day, and I have to say that it’s got to be one of the best…

    The comments + silence when this sandwich showed up was priceless…

    Forwarded the link to a friend on mine in publishing, looking forward to hearing his comments..

    Awesome stuff, and keep it coming.

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