Studying Zen

So I was in Japan for a month. In a Zen temple, doing a lot of sitting meditation, and meeting a lot of people. My first real break from the internet, except for occasional email, in the past 10 years.

The world didn’t collapse.

It’s hard to discuss “what I got out of it” in this attention-deficit prone format. But I’ll tell you what, there’s a lot of stuff out in the world that isn’t available online.

I’m glad to be back with you guys though. 🙂





4 responses to “Studying Zen”

  1. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Wow. That sounds great. I think I’m due some serious disconnection time in the next 12 months…. Been constantly plugged in since the age of…. 13? 14? Now 23… hmm…

  2. Julien Avatar

    Exactly Rob. You’ll be amazed when you go out there and see how big the world outside of the internet is. 🙂

  3. whitney Avatar

    Having had a similar unplugged experience recently, I found the same thing true. There’s a lot of interesting things in life that aren’t online, or you can’t really experience vicariously through tweets or other people’s blogs.
    Even pictures do little justice to many things- there’s a sense of time and place that’s important, and being in the moment that our online time-shifted environment misses.
    Glad you had a great time, and looking forward to hearing more about it!

  4. John Avatar

    Enjoy and savor the memory of the trip. Prepare for the next trip to somewhere else equaling interesting but different.

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