Meet the coolest person I know

We sure travel a lot in social media. Conferences, business meetings, long distance relationships… along the way, we meet a lot of great people that do really exciting stuff all over the world.

But we can’t ignore our local talent, either. Last night, I was hanging out with two good friends, also great people, and I realized something: There are great people everywhere.

And I think a lot of us, on the local side, are really missing out.

A lot of my day ends up being spent chatting with smart people all over the US and Canada, but they’re far away, and there are tons of locals doing great stuff, too. You probably know some of them.

I know body modification professionals, Zen monks and experimental musicians. You might know other kinds of people I wouldn’t dream of meeting.

So here’s the challenge I’m putting to my friends: Introduce me to the coolest people you know, and I’ll do the same for you. They don’t have to be related to the internet (in fact, maybe they shouldn’t be) and should be the kind of people we wouldn’t normally meet.

Here’s another challenge for those that know me less well, or that are far away: Do this yourself. See what happens. I dare you.





3 responses to “Meet the coolest person I know”

  1. CT Moore Avatar

    You’ve just made me realize that I’ve lost touch with just about every “cool” person I’ve know. Fuck, I’m getting old and boring…

  2. Whitney Avatar

    A few people on the list:

    Chris Lehmann, Runs the Science Leadership Academy in Philly. One of the brightest minds in education around. Gary Stager, from the Constructivist’s Consortium is also someone you would really love and appreciate.

    Alex Hillman (twitter @alexknowshtml) Alex set up a co-working environment here in Philly, with Greg DiMassi, another amazing guy. If you don’t know them already, you should.

    Matt Mason, who wrote The Pirate’s Dilemma- awesome guy, and lots of great insights that still effect the way I think. He’s a brit but lives in NY.

    There’s lots more people in the medical and education field, but this isn’t a bad starter pack.

  3. CT Moore Avatar

    Actually, I take that back. One of the most talented web designers I know used to be an ambulance driver in Beirut. He as stories, my friend.

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