Putting it on paper

I saw Duncan Moore at a café the other day. We chatted about bootstrapping and some new projects. He looked excited, and I offered up a great presentation on the subject I had seen by one of the 37signals guys*.

Later he left, and sent this out to his Twitter stream, below.

Here’s the great thing that most people don’t do: If you’re ever thankful for something, it’s great to put it on paper like Duncan did for everyone to see. The person who helped (me) will see it, and the broadcast (tweet, blog post, whatever) will be an added benefit that will be seen by others.

Those of us that are online, those for whom the web is an important place, where we try to do business, these references matter to us because they’re seen by everyone. A public reference is worth a ton, especially when it’s accompanied by a link (which is hard to get these days). If you can tweet AND link, that’s even better.

So if you’ve ever done this for me (or anyone else), thank you. Really. And let me know if I ever should have done it for you! 🙂

* (BTW, hat tip to SEOmoz for pointing out the video in the first place.)





3 responses to “Putting it on paper”

  1. Duncan Moore Avatar

    Well, it’s an awesome video – how could I *not* link to it?


  2. Rob Avatar

    Ahhh yes. I love to watch my google analytics flying about and trying to work out who’s been twittering about me, or where I’ve commented something on a blog.

    No, I don’t do it professionally – I just think it’s kinda neat to watch the trends…!

  3. Rob Avatar

    That 37signals lecture was really fascinating. I’m not sure if I’m getting really big-headed recently but things like this seem to apply to various parts of my life, despite the fact that I’m not an app developer… really useful general life lessons there…

    I seriously need a 4 day week. Or a 2×2 day week (work, work, break, work, work, break, break) – yes I’ve come up with a name for it and everything…!

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