Invisible Appreciation

It’s amazing looking at statistics on various URL shortening services.

We bloggers have always realized that there was a rough 80/20 (90/10?) ratio between those who comment and those who read, but services like really put it into perspective.

Example: The other night I was tweeting about random old 4chan memes (Rich Raven, Courage Wolf) and I got over 100 clickthroughs, even though no one said anything.

This brings me to the point of this post.

We all have moments when we feel appreciated, when someone tells us they like something we did or something else about us. I’m thinking there’s a ratio there too. So when someone comes up and says “I like your tweets” or any other compliment, there are likely a few more that think the same, but that don’t say anything.

It’s people’s natural tendency to say nothing (likely why most married people don’t feel appreciated enough), but this doesn’t mean they’re feeling nothing. I’m thinking they are, and they’re thinking about you. 😉





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  1. Dave LaMorte Avatar

    I appreciate you Julien. You just need a hug.

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