The New, the Big, and the Now

It’s amazing what we can get used to.

We seem to think that adopting some new technique, strategy, or tactic will help us. Sometimes, we think getting on the next bandwagon will help. Sometimes it does.

We all have a tendency to go after the New and the Big. It isn’t even our fault. When we see that everyone is heading towards something, and we want it too, sometimes without even considering if it’s right or not.

Getting the New and the Big may not even be that bad. The worst, I think, may be the Now.

Getting the New can be great. Start fresh with a new approach, something that hasn’t been done before; that can be awesome. But New doesn’t go with Big– it goes better with the Small.

The Big is what you do when you put all your energy into something.

The Now is what happens when you decide that your New and your Big aren’t good enough. The Now splinters your attention in 10 different directions. You get nothing done. All your Old gets dumped for your Now, no matter its importance, because of the immediate, short-term importance of the Now.

Like they say in web design– you can have two of the following things: good, fast, and cheap. But not three.

Likewise, choose carefully between New, Big, and Now. It will change what you do, and once you’re off, you may not find the time to look back.





3 responses to “The New, the Big, and the Now”

  1. Rob Avatar

    Thanks Jules, that was inspiring!

  2. Clyde Smith Avatar

    Is this a response to Twitter pressure? 🙂

  3. anji bee Avatar

    i have a sort of innate fear of the big, personally. i often think that i wouldn’t want to take my career much bigger than it is now, which is still in the micro celebrity status. works for me.

    hey, i was thinking the other day that i may have finally achieved that dream you had years ago of becoming my own “station” with remember that post you made?

    if you get the chance, i’d love to hear your feedback on my new wordpress design. i tried to make it easier to find all of my various content on first view.

    btw, i played your old school drop on the chillcast today and gave you a shoutout. so glad to have your podcast back!!!!!!


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