Mass media is merging…

Mass media is merging.

Personal media is splintering.






8 responses to “Mass media is merging…”

  1. Bill Deys Avatar

    They think bigger is better.

    We know small pieces loosely joined is.

  2. Rob Avatar

    Homogenisation !

  3. Rob Avatar

    Also, see Adam Curtis and Big Lump Theory…

  4. Jujupiter Avatar

    If you merge, you have less employees to pay to tell the same things, right?

  5. CT Moore Avatar

    Mass media is merging because of economies of scope.

    What do you mean, though, by personal media “splintering?”

  6. Allan W Janssen Avatar

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  7. Robin Mizell Avatar

    Julien, are you familiar with I noticed it when I followed up on something Peter Jurmu mentioned in a discussion we’re having about creative writing and digital formats.

    RE: “personal media splintering”

    I notice that on the Web, people are demonstrating their natural tendency to divide into like-minded groups. Privacy settings, passwords, and other features were devised to enable that. One-size-fits-all mass media might be a counterproductive inclination.

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