The Big Push

So today is when it all begins.

I’m sitting in the same breakfast place I sat in for the past year, writing the book, practically every day. Now, it’s finally available. It’s by far the longest single project we’ve worked on.

To me, this is not a social media book. It’s a book about success, both ours and others’ we know, and the strategies you use to get there using today’s tools. We put everything we knew into it.

The reason I did this personally is because I care about the people that I know, like you, reading this. I want you to get more out of what you’re doing, I want you to be successful.

I think the book will help you do that.

The amazing thing is that the book’s performance displays exactly what we’re talking about in the book– how social capital and networks can deliver real business value to you.

Because our methods are working, this is probably not the first time you’ve heard about the book today.

In fact, it’s #53 #45 on right now (#28 on because what we do works. It’ll work for you.

How to order.

Read Chris’ post.





2 responses to “The Big Push”

  1. Greg Avatar

    Julien, congratulations on your new book!

  2. ichselbst Avatar

    Interesting book. Gratulations…
    Will it be available in german some day?

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