When It Happens

Your success, when it happens, will utterly shock you.

It won’t be that thing you’ve been planning since your childhood. More than likely, you don’t even feel that way anymore. (I wanted to be a psychologist, an artist, and many other things.)

Instead, out of left field, there will come some tiny opportunity. When you see it, you will consider dismissing it, because it seems insignificant, but for some reason, you will follow it. It’ll lead to something else, and something else entirely, and suddenly, you’re in a whole new world.

This randomness cannot be prepared for. It can only be adapted to.

Some people do have that kind of life– they aimed once, a very long time ago, and some time soon, they will hit that target. The period between the aim and the hit can be 20 years or more. If you’re one of these people, you probably know it.

Most of us are not like this. For this reason, adaptability is key.

This is why, on the most recent Media Hacks (to be published Sunday), I told people to stop bitching about how the new thing won’t beat Twitter (or whatever is hot right now) and just to get the hell on it and use it.

This is why we must always be ready to be wrong, never be certain of our own intelligence or preparedness.

Things that live, change. Things that are dead do not.

There’s no point wishing. Just adapt. It is what we do.





5 responses to “When It Happens”

  1. Jeremy Meyers Avatar

    Open-mindedness and willingness to go where life takes us are two of the most powerful tools in any successful existence.

    Even those ‘had a plan, stuck to it, got there’ folks probably could not have imagined all the little twists and turns that life brought them along the way, and getting to where they wanted to go probably doesn’t feel at all like they thought it would. Hopefully they didn’t forget about the journey along the way.

  2. Jean Avatar

    I’ll let you know how it goes when I “become successful.”

    Also – if they develop telepathy, make sure I’m not the last you know to start using it.

  3. allan isfan Avatar

    The inability to plan for luck is exactly what prevents people from starting down unknown paths.

    And yet, those of us that have lived these serendipitous or “take a chance” moments that lead to incredible things just know it is going to happen.

    And the more open you are to it, the more you say yes instead of no, the more it happens. You can almost plan it 🙂 You’re a living example!

  4. Alex Beattie Avatar

    I’m not a big fan of comment cheerleading, but WELL said and quite inspirational!

  5. Tracy Lee Carroll Avatar

    My life has changed in ways I would and could never have predicted in the past seven months. There are a multitude of lessons that I have learned and even more I have yet to learn. The first of which, I believe, was probably the most important.

    There is nothing in life that we can control *except* how we react to what is put before us.

    I feel very lucky to have learned this as I feel there are many who never get this opportunity and still think that things in life are within their control. The most fascinating thing I have done in these past few months is left go and see where life is taking me, greeting it and every opportunity with open arms and an open mind. The path I am walking could never have been imagined, even a short time ago.

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