Bring Trust Agents and Six Pix to You

Chris, Mitch and I have been thinking about how we can bring our books to more audiences.

We considered doing a tour– New York, Chicago, San Francisco, etc, but those were cities we visited all the time anyway.

We also remembered that a lot of you had asked if we could come see you locally, all over the States and Canada, so we wondered how to make that work, too. We considered a lot of options.

But now, we think we’ve hit upon something that might be really great for everyone involved. We think we’ve found a way to travel anywhere you’d like to have us.

From Mitch’s blog:

The three of us want to bring the concepts in the two business books to you, but we are looking for leaders. All three of us command substantial public speaking and consulting fees, but we have decided to wave both the honorariums and travel expenses (within the United States and Canada) for those who can bring 200 people together in a room.

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One response to “Bring Trust Agents and Six Pix to You”

  1. Alphonse Hà Avatar

    I like thie idea a la Gary V.

    I am going to take you up on that. 200 people is not very hard to do.

    Let’s talk. I would need/want to get this done for late January 2010 or November 2009. Is that possible?

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