Me + The Globe & Mail

Just finished a session with the Globe and Mail earlier today.

The title was “Using the Web to Enhance Your Brand.” I don’t know that much about branding but the session was pretty awesome to do. To all of you that are joining from G&, hello and thanks for checking me out. I have a bunch of great stuff below, and you can subscribe by RSS by clicking above.

For all y’all that didn’t get a chance to participate, we discussed a number of important issues about social media, search marketing, and how to promote a prog rock band. Oh and let’s not forget Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, and Twitter.





One response to “Me + The Globe & Mail”

  1. CT Moore Avatar

    Perhaps they should change their name to the Globe & Web, or Globe & Cloud, blah, blah, blah…

    Nonetheless, sounds like you had fun…

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