Trust Agents in Amazon’s 10 Best Business Books of 2009

It’s so interesting.

I try to discount the many reviews of the book Chris and I wrote (both positive and negative) because I think hype can really mess up your head. It’s always better not to read your own press; I do read it, I just try not to believe it.

But this was an Editor’s Pick. So it’s kind of different and it feels special. I looked up the ones that were picked in the last few years in the same categories– here’s some of what they’d chosen in the past:

Purple Cow – So classic that Hugh McLeod did a print of it.

Blue Ocean Strategy – Amazing book, displays so clearly how to differentiate yourself. I can’t recommend this enough.

The Long Tail – Speaks for itself.

Made To Stick – I brought this book to Boston with me while we were writing ours, took heavy inspiration from its methods and model. It’s incredible.

Anyway, pretty great list, right?

It makes me kind of feel like I did something really good, that I can really be proud of. I was always happy to have completed the book obviously, but having it sit there adds a certain je ne sais quoi and makes me feel like it’ll have some staying power, which is really important. 🙂





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  1. Clarence Avatar

    Congratulations, brother. This is big-league news.

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