Getting Support

Everybody needs a Craig Silverman.

I’ve just started going to a neighbourhood Crossfit gym. My roommate had been into the system for a while (which is like an intense, military-style workout that pushes you FAR beyond your comfort zone), and I’d been once, but I was slacking until Craig called me up last month to tell me he’d be going.

So I went with Craig that first time, and I’ve been back several times since. Why? Because he exerts just the right amount of social pressure.

It’s so important to have a support network for any change you’re trying to achieve in your life. But if you can’t have a whole group, you at least need one person– someone who will harass the hell out of you to make sure you’ll do it, especially until it becomes a habit.

So how does Craig do it? Here’s how today’s conversation Twitter went, just to give you an example:

Craig: “so 5pm today, right?”

Me: “fuuuuuck FINE”

Craig: “atta girl”

There it is. Bullying? Check. Insulting? Check. Accusation of wussiness? Yup, that’s there too.

You could never treat your child like this, or your girlfriend/boyfriend like this, but you know what? Sometimes it’s necessary.

You need to be that person, or find them. You’ll be happy you did.

Oh and Craig, I hate you.





2 responses to “Getting Support”

  1. Whitney Avatar

    Yeah, I have an S & M relationship with my trainer now, too, but it works. Without the social pressure, I’d be on my tush in front of the computer. For me, the peer pressure and keeping an appointment work.

  2. Craig Silverman Avatar

    See you Sunday at 1 p.m. motherfucker!

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