Great books this month


Guys, I normally don’t do this kind of thing, but Escape From Cubicle Nation is amazing.

I just met Pam Slim this week. We were getting awards for our books at the 800 CEO READ awards and as a result, we ended up trading books. I just finished reading hers and it’s so great. You know I’m not impressed by anything (ever), so I don’t say this lightly.

Seriously, for anyone considering starting a business, the book is full of information, supremely useful, but also written in an very clever, personable style. I banged it out in 3 days– just finished today. I want to pass it to so many people I know but I only have one copy. Seriously, I almost wish that I had written this book myself.

So far this month I’d say this book and Dan Pink‘s Drive are my top reads. Go check that one out too.

Hope you guys are still on track with your reading a book a week! Remember, it’s never too late to start.





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  1. C.C. Chapman Avatar

    You are the second person I trust who has raved about this book. Of course I’m blanking on who the first was, but I know I trusted them enough to buy it instantly for my Kindle.

    Now I guess I have to read it. Right after Linchpin since that arrived last night.

  2. Colleen Wainwright Avatar

    Was it me, C.C.? 🙂

    Seriously, your book and Pam’s were the two biz books I gave five stars to last year and the pair I consistently recommend to people getting their feet wet in the pool we’ve all been playing in for awhile.

    Plus, Pam is just freakin’ outstanding.

  3. Todd Schnick Avatar

    Took you up on your book-a-week challenge. And I am loving it. I will add both books to my list… Thanks.

    1. Julien Avatar

      Good for you Todd! I expect updates. 🙂

  4. MikeTek Avatar

    I’ll add those two to my reading list…

    I actually took your book-a-week recommendation. On track since week one – four books so far. Loving it. Thanks for the spur.

  5. Mark Weatherley Avatar
    Mark Weatherley

    Thanks for the recommendation Julien. I’ve put it on the list. My plan wasn’t as ambitious as 52. But you have to start somewhere, just like starting on social media. For me its 26 this year.

  6. Larry Avatar

    Thanks for the heads-up, Julien.

  7. AnotherGuy Avatar

    As much as I’d love to add this book to my list, I’m trying to stay away from this topic of reading at least for a little while. It’s hard to get through these types of books when I have a hundred blogs that I’m also reading on the same topics.

    I’m working on Trust Agents right now, and even though I love it, I feel exhausted by the time I start reading it with information overload.

    I have, however, just finished my fourth book of the year, and am halfway done with the fifth (and sixth, lol).

  8. GirlFriday Avatar

    I’m taking up this challenge, albeit a bit late in the game, since I just stumbled upon your blog.

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