We Are Cowboys

We are cowboys. This place is a frontier.

The way we experience media right now is the way all future media will be. Nobody knows that yet, but we do. What we are trying right now may seem crazy to some people, fruitless communication with no purpose, but in reality what we are trying will become obvious to the next generation. We are learning what works, while others are still relying on old models and crossing their fingers.

We are digging for gold. Many of us will fail, die, or go back the way they came, but those that succeed will become magnates of the next age. Your grit will determine which of those you will be.

I am alright with waiting. If you are too, see you there.

If not, don’t worry, you’ll be remembered, too.





5 responses to “We Are Cowboys”

  1. Serge Lachapelle Avatar

    Yup…Got my horse right here by the keyboard and ma hat on…(a white one, of course…)…You are right, it does take patience.

    Maybe I am an idealist, but I truly believe we are putting the meaning back into an word emptied by the structure of our society: Community.

    It is this new community that will change the way things go, organized around ideas and ideals in this new medium. A quiet force, you can see it coming from afar, like a dust cloud in the desert…I can feel the tumbleweed rolling a little faster every day…Even my horse Bessy is a little nervous…

  2. Alexander Hill Avatar

    I agree with every part of this post, and have to admit that I am always hopeful being out here out front is really worth the effort of breaking in the frontier. As a good ol’ tenderfoot I’ve found that the going sure can be rough but for me, at least, it has been more than worth it so far.

    I think the best point, though, is that those of us trying to break in these new forms of communication are “learning what works.” Hopefully we’ll keep on trailblazing until we find the passes that other people can follow to make their lives better, and on the way find some greener pastures of our own (and hopefully forget the cowboy theme we’ve got going in the comments so far before it becomes the next big meme).

  3. Felix Trepanier Avatar

    For most, this new media stuff is all distraction and entertainment. My guess is that the ones who keep the following question in mind while looking will be far ahead of everyone else in this new kind of gold rush…

    “Will we use the technologies of our age consciously, in ways that benefit ourselves and the world? Or will we do so largely unconsciously, living increasingly distracted and overwhelmed, out of touch with a sense of purpose?” -http://www.wisdom2summit.com/

  4. CT Moore Avatar

    www is an acronym for “wild wild west.” Kool Moe Dee told me so…

  5. Deborah Mourey Avatar

    Merci bien.

    I like this poem. I’m so happy to be on the frontier. I appreciate a chance to circle the wagons a bit (real frontiersmen had to wait for the pony express!)
    to support each other.

    When I teach/speak; I can see ppl shaking their heads and snickering. It’s ok. I just keep reaching out, showing them what I hope, a trust agent acts like.

    It’s not a popularity contest and since I get to meet ppl like you along the way, it’s all good.

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