30 Days is Nothing

I’m on day 12/30 right now of trying a new diet.

When I returned from Cuba I got inspired by Andrew Hyde and made a 30-day commitment to avoid grains, sugar, flour, dairy, and a few other things. It’s not that I feel fat at all– I just wanted to lean up a bit and see how it affected my mood and well-being, especially considering I’ve got the exercise thing down (they say 80% of health is from diet, and only 20% is from exercise).

Right away I was shocked at my adaptability. Dropping sugar and cream out of my coffee was very easy, and not eating any grain is too. I get one cheat meal a week, which gives me a way to enjoy my favourite foods, and the 30-day aspect means that I know I can return to my old ways if I want to.

I’m also using Stickk to keep me on the straight and narrow. I have a referee that checks in and encourages me, and if I fail any of the weeks, I get billed on my credit card– and $50 gets sent to an anti-abortion charity. I’m not kidding. Trust me, it works.

What’s my point here? That I’m not special, I guess. That there are things you’ve been wanting to do for years and that you’ve been sitting on, thinking you just can’t.

Oh yeah, and my point is also to show you this video.





8 responses to “30 Days is Nothing”

  1. larry Avatar

    How dare you slam maple syrup?

    And you call yourself a Canadian.


  2. Tim Stiffler-Dean Avatar

    I really love th e idea of StickK. Will have to try it out for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Karen Avatar

    Willing to bet you won’t go back. Started in October 09, no starches (which means no grains), no sugar and no saturated fats. I have never felt better in my 50 yr old life!!! Interesting observation…when grocery shopping I only shop the perimeter of the store, no more aisles of processed foods!! Can’t imagine putting that stuff back into my body!

  4. John McLachlan Avatar

    I started a year ago getting into better shape, losing 30 pounds and eating way better. It made a big difference and generally, I stick to it and make very different choices now. There’s still more to do and your 30-day idea is a really great one. I know a few things I need to alter that are just plain bad for me.

    I’m here in Austin, Texas right now at SXSW and as a person who turns 50 this year, I look around at all the young faces and see them looking at me thinking “look at that old man.” One panelist at a session actually said that about me, so I’m not making it up. ๐Ÿ™‚ (PS – doesn’t bother me)

    Still, I’m in better shape than most of the younger people here, the majority of which are quite unhealthy looking and usually, overweight. Being overweight and eating poorly will takes its toll when they are my age, if they make it that long.

    Julien, hard to believe you can get any leaner than you are, but way to go.

  5. Lynette Young Avatar

    Haven’t given up dairy – but starches/grains (goodbye white flour!) and sugar are gone from my diet for about 4 weeks now. The first few days *suck* to put it mildly, but after that detox your head is much clearer and your energy cycles are smooth. I’m not sure what I would eat if I cut out dairy as well – or how I would feel. It’s worth a try. “Cheating” is a noble idea as well, as making something completely forbidden just adds to it’s appeal. I ate 1/2 a red potato tonight with some old fashioned corned beef. Eh. I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.

    Good for you for sticking with it! I bet you keep a lot of the habits after your 30 days.

  6. Scott Webb Avatar

    Congrats on 12 days. That’s not easy. The grains is tough and going to black coffee is wild. But it shouldn’t be at the same time because I used to be like that. I eat brown rice and want to eat more wild rice, but I used to eat very well and became in great shape.

    How is it that I fell off the wagon? I had to incorporate another into my life. I’m getting married in september and after 4.x years I put the weight back on and more (I also blame depression medication for that) but I’m back at the gym, and doing my best to eat well. My fiancee is so tough to kick off sugar/carbs. I found myself craving ice cream last night and I shouldn’t have.

    Anyways, I know that even if you appear lean you can still be unhealthy. Sounds like you’re making the effort to make improvements that will last.

  7. Buster Avatar

    I am hoping that your money goes to a charity and not an anti-charity.

    1. MJ Avatar


      I know this post was awhile back but I felt the urge to clarify something.

      That was the whole point, to set up a donation that will go to a charity you dislike when you fail.
      Hence, the motivation to push through and not give up.

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