Quick Update Re: My Caveman Diet

Since Chris, Lynette, Brian Clark and a few others seem to have become interested in the Paleo diet I’m doing, I figured I’d give you guys a lowdown about how it happened.

I started doing Crossfit seriously on January 1st, 3x/week and was seeing strength and endurance gains but no body composition changes. I wanted to lose fat so I could see my abs, look good in a bathing suit, etc. Yes it’s vain, but whatever, it’s the truth and I know you probably feel the same way.

So I discovered the caveman diet through Andrew Hyde and Craig Silverman. Andrew said he’d lost like 15-20 pounds in a month and Craig was looking good too after starting on the Zone diet, so I was like what the hell, and started on this 12-step list. Then about a month later I went strict for 30 days. That’s when the changes really started.

I’m currently 29 days in and I’ll definitely be continuing this for at least another 2 weeks, but here’s what happened so far (keeping in mind I wasn’t intending to ‘lose weight’ but just lean out, so I don’t want any “you’re already so thin” comments):

  • Can really see my abs for the first time ever.
  • I’m getting ‘the lines,’ never seen those either. (You know what I mean.)
  • Never feel overly stuffed, ever.
  • Have totally adapted, feel little craving for bread, sugar in coffee, etc. Don’t really feel deprived.

Incidentally, since Lynette met up with me in Delaware she started on it and says she’s dropped a few sizes already.

I have a cheat day every week where I eat anything I want. Originally it was supposed to be a cheat meal, but I just kind of cave on any day I can do whatever I like, and I’m still making progress, so I just let it happen.

Basically this is super manageable, sustainable as a lifestyle, and it still allows me to eat anything I really crave once a week.

Anyway, I didn’t know that talking about this would provoke any interest, but since it has, feel free to ask me anything in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer them or point to stuff I’ve read. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled program on Tuesday, but feel free to subscribe for more updates.

Further blog reading: Robb Wolf, PaNu, Mark’s Daily Apple, Primal Chat… there’s plenty more, really.

Further book reading: Paleo Diet, Good Calories, Bad Calories.





7 responses to “Quick Update Re: My Caveman Diet”

  1. John McLachlan Avatar

    Julien, I have a question.

    Not counting your “eat anything you want” day, what is your typical diet for a couple of days and how often through the day do you eat?

  2. John McLachlan Avatar

    I’ve been thinking more about your diet and it’s very intriguing but I “get” the fact that over our evolutionary history, grains are a very recent thing, but I also think that the average life-expectancy of a caveman was probably about 25 years and that if they’d had the opportunity and technology to eat a broader diet they a) would have and b) may have lived longer because of the variety.

    Maybe I’m missing something.

    1. Julien Avatar

      John, the argument goes that short life expectancy came from a high infant mortality rate and the fact that injuries (fucked up knee, broken arm, etc.) were far more likely to cause death and far more prevalent.

  3. Jeff Avatar

    Julien- great intro on the diet. In the meantime, a journalist in Toronto has started a blog journal called Me, Caveman where he is giving the “caveman diet” a try for 30 days. He’s lost 7 lbs., has baggy pants and has adjusted well, as you have.

    It was awesome tying up with you last week in Sioux Falls (not literally folks…), finding another kindred Primal soul and finding it works with others as well as myself. I’m glad you found my free e-book worth the read as well (subtle plug).

    Reading Trust Agents and feeling more empowered to take the risks you spoke of. Thanks again!

  4. Lindsay Avatar

    Both Jackson and I are on day two and started after being inspired by a friend that is on week two. Seeing as you are the Paleo holly grail (well for us anyway)I have a couple of questions …
    do you eat butter?
    how many eggs do you typically eat a week?
    can we swap recipes for fait ici dollars?

  5. Joshua Layton Avatar

    Hi Julien,

    Came across this post after getting linked to your really nice sleep infographic. Did you know about our paleo meetups in Montreal? We get together at least once a month to eat good food, talk about our lifestyle and share knowledge. See “Eating Paleo in Montréal” http://www.paleomontreal.com/ & http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=136814892951

    Hope to see you around sometime!


    1. Julien Avatar

      Hey Joshua, I’m already in your group. So is my girlfriend. lol. I know about you guys.

      Maybe I’ll come by sometime, I just seem to find out about these way too late.

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