Time Passes Too Fast

I recently realized that I’ve been playing capoeira since 2004.

Have you ever been really serious about something, taken some “time off,” and then suddenly realized you’d never gone back the way you wanted? Maybe this happened with school or with art, working out or writing a book? Well, that’s the feeling I had when I realized it had been six years since I started. It was depressing.

Putting this in context, the post I linked to above is the 8th post on my blog. It was before I did any podcasting or wrote a book, or even before there really was a social web to speak of. I was 24 and really enthusiastic. Now I’m 30. Crazy.

Time passes us by, and with it, a lot of opportunity. What are we doing here? Are we really spending our time right? Or does it even matter, as long as we’re fairly happy?





One response to “Time Passes Too Fast”

  1. John McLachlan Avatar

    Happiness is all that matters provided you are aware.

    What does life mean? Big questions young man. Good question though.

    Heck if I know the answer.

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