Why Women Will Take Over the World

I’m pretty sure women will be taking over the world someday.

Think about it. How are men better than women, and how are women better than men?

If we work from stereotype:

  • Men are stronger
  • Men have more mathematically-oriented minds

These two things above can be taken care of by machines and/or society. Anything heavy that needs to be lifted, or any way that women need to be defended by men is long gone and is replaced by a system of justice or by the ability for technology to lift heavy things, etc.

Let’s continue with the stereotypes:

Even if the above is true (it’s questionable, but whatever), these are societal things that will equalize over time, so they’re temporary. Over our lifetime we can probably assume that we’ll begin to equalize out– women and men becoming closer to each other in terms of ambition, etc as both genders come to be brought up in much similar manners.

Now, what do the stereotypes tell us about women?

  • Women are attuned to emotions
  • Women understand social dynamics
  • Women are more patient
  • Women are organized

As mechanization and technology takes over most of the stuff men are “naturally” good at, it’s the stuff that can’t be mechanized that will become valuable. Guess what? These are the things women are good at. They will always be valuable (possibly even more valuable) while men’s supposed natural attributes dwindle.

The only problem that I can think of right now is that women currently have a tendency to cut each other down in a way that men do not. All my evidence for this is anecdotal, but I have a feeling that a lot of women reading this would agree (and I’d invite you to speak up if so). Honestly, I think it’s the only thing keeping women down right now. If there was a kind of team attitude going on like what men have, the only thing stopping women from taking over would be the tenuous grasp that old white men have on power right now.

I don’t think this argument can be refuted (except maybe the last paragraph, which is kind of conjecture). But then again, this is the internet, so anything goes. Is it possible to disagree with this? How?





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  1. Chris Avatar

    I could tackle this more in depth but the obvious first question to me is…why are mens stereotypical advantages temporary while women’s stereotypical advantages are unchangeable?

    1. Peter Avatar

      I think that that is a great question. Also, Why are men’s stereotypical advantages cast in a bad light and women cast in a good light. Are you saying that a trend of men having different strengths from women is a bad thing for men and a good thing for women?

  2. Deborah Mourey Avatar

    Hi Juien,
    I really enjoy your posts, they make me think; methinks that’s the point.

    Women have a lot of strengths. I personally have faced a lot of challenges and this made me strong and compassionate. I am very grateful for each of those challenges even though I wouldn’t wish them on anyone else.

    I have grown children; a son and a daughter and I hope that they see themselves as people first. “To whom much is given, much is expected.” They have been given good health and intelligence and I raised them to know that they are responsible to help make the world a better place.

    I wouldn’t want the world would be run by either men or women or young people or old people or any particular race or country. We need each other. We’re all in this together. this is the joy of technology, we can be brought together in ways that we never dreamed of before. thanks so much for your thoughtfulness. Deborah from Rochester

  3. Jeromy Anglim Avatar
    Jeromy Anglim

    You might like the meta-analysis by Janet Shibley Hyde in American Psychology which reviewed 46 separate meta-analyses examining differences between males and females.
    The author’s main conclusion was that:
    “males and females are similar on most, but not all, psychological variables”.


    Hyde, J. (2005). The Gender Similarities Hypothesis.. American Psychologist, 60, 581-592

  4. CT Moore Avatar

    Two things:

    First, the organizational edge that women have over men will probably also be supplanted by machines.

    Secondly, much of the other edges are probably socialization. Men will learn that just as much as women will start being socialized to be more of team player.

    I see one big androgynous societal mass in the near future. I call it the David Bowie generation.

  5. Angela Avatar

    I like what CT said. I would love it if we someday become a big androgynous societal mass. Men with too much testosterone who walk around trying to be so tough and thinking that destruction and war is always the answer need to tone it down. And women with too much estrogen who flutter around waiting for men to do things for them and take care of them need to get a backbone. Let’s meet in the middle. Androgynous all the way! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Kate O'Reilly @cleverkate Avatar
    Kate O’Reilly @cleverkate

    I’m on a mission to change this. Watch me! I’ve already started in Minneapolis, I’ve attracted a dozen or so women who want to do the same. It’s been two months since I started.

    We get together and just ask, “How can I support you?”
    Our friend likes to say we’re proving Morrissey wrong. (song: http://bit.ly/bsIBh4)

    Happy you wrote about it.

  7. Larry Avatar

    Risky post. Way to go!

  8. Melissa Avatar

    Well gosh – this is indeed a deep subject. As a psychology major and a living breathing human being, I have learned that women and men’s brains are different in SOME ways. Women are better at multitasking, forging relationships and men excel in math & science, however, women are closing that gap rapidly. I think the reason is that most of what makes us different is societal/environmental. If we are taught that we are not good at certain things then (1) We won’t be nurtured and challenged in those areas (2) We won’t believe ourselves to be capable.

    I believe (and it is being proven now by SAT scores and on college campuses) That “girls” are completely capable of being mathematical and scientific in their thinking. Equally, I believe men are just as capable of being nurturing and less singularly focused.

    The problem is society as a whole needs to EXPECT and ALLOW people to be diverse and individualistic in what they are and are not good at. Stereotypes do not serve us well. I am sure that there are probably some minor gender differences but nothing so profound that it should be seen as a negative. Human beings should all strive to recognize their strengths and work on their weaknesses so that we can eventually become BALANCED and WHOLE individuals:)

    1. Ya boy Avatar
      Ya boy

      A female “praying” mantis will eat a males head off after they procreate….

  9. Robin Browne Avatar

    The grasp that old white men have on power is indeed tenuous.
    – Barack.

    (ok, I wrote that but it sounded better coming from him)

  10. Ben Giordano Avatar

    Seriously I could not agree more, in fact I think this all of the time when I meet different professional women. Us guys don’t stand much of a chance. sigh.

  11. Maile Avatar

    I would posit that women are becoming more and more supportive of each other as they see the benefit of networking and support that men have developed for years. Women may cut each other down, which is changing, but I’ve also seen many men stomp on, back stab and place foot on head to get above another man on the corporate ladder. Luckily there are many great mentors, both men and women, who do good. Hopefully that attitude will prevail.

  12. Tamara Avatar

    I must say I believe there should be a balance. Men and women should work in teams as they do in good relationships. I think we are made for it. We help each other stay grounded and complete each other on many levels. As long as there is good communication ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Balance is the secret to life isn’t it!?

  13. kate Avatar

    i have seen the dynamics of a lot of different organisations through work, clients associates etc.. and not having a balanced ratio of females and males really has a negative effect..

    Two stick out to me – one org had mostly woman. There was a rather copious amount of bitching and nittpicking going on. It made processes dysfunctional and emotions were brought into logical decision making. Second, too many males in this iconic nz company. It was like having stale testosterone as an imprint to the entire companies philosophy – and it wasnt lynx. There was a v high female staff turnover. Company quite quickly became dated and with little new innovations having prev been market leaders. They were also creamed by the old boy advertising agencies who were clunky and not so innovative themselves! There competitors thrived of course…

    Everywhere ive been the most successful groups of people have an equalish ratio – back to hunter gatherer days ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Sasha Avatar

    Yes yes yes! Its true, girl power is on the rise, we are praising eachother more and more, there are so many woman power songs aswell…we gona run this earth!
    Also, companies during the recession owned by women suffered SIGNIFICANTLY LESS..we are just more capable!
    Men only want sex, theyre not capable of anything else #fact
    Even our bodies are capable of so much more. Men are easily controlled. Eg strip tease artists – they pay money just to LOOK at us. Money – people have KILLED for money. Women are STRONGER and MORE POWERFUL mentally than men.

    1. Logan O'Hara Avatar
      Logan O’Hara


  15. Brenda Avatar

    Liking this, Julien, and I would have to agree. A spirit of collaboration vs. competition, a team attitude, stopping gossip + back-biting would put women in the lead, or at least, equal, in their power to have greater influence than we currently have. And, as someone who came from the big city, and now lives rural, there is also a difference (in my experience) between rural and city relationships between women to women.

  16. SayNoToWomenNOW Avatar

    Women are never going to take over the world…because guess what? Jesus is, and He wont allow it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Kenneth Avatar

    Sasha does have a point with the strip club thing. I personally do not go to these, and I generally turn down offers to go to these joints with other men as well.

    I generally hate watching sports on tv, but if I’m watching it live in the stadium, it’s a different thing.

    Though I do have to disagree with sasha that men are only capable of sex. Ever heard of Mozart and Micheal Jackson? Has a woman even come close to matching these two geniuses? Beyonce and Lady Gaga doesn’t count. They are popular now, but will be largely forgotten within twenty years.

    Also if technology can make men obsolete, it can also make women just as obsolete. Imagine a society where men don’t even have normal sexual relations they use an AI woman who is far better in expectations than real women are.

    This rampant sexism by both sides needs to stop. We come from one planet, and we are one people. The humans.

  18. Tony Lodge Avatar

    Lets learn, share, teach, care, and work together.

  19. Tony Lodge Avatar

    I mean, Less is More, Keep it Simple, Share the love and we will have ‘Everything’

  20. David Avatar

    I say let women take over the world, at least let them try….As soon as they do, society will start to crumble…look at what “femenism”is doing to marriage. You couple that w/ gay people/ rights & it’s a recipe for economic success, but societal disaster! Look at the “template” God gives us w/ the Animal Kingdom…Not too many queer’s…& the males dominate the females. Everything has it’s place/role, & it seems to be fine.” If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” “Do woman make men better…absolutely…Do woman make better men….NEGATIVE!!!

  21. Andy Bobandy Avatar
    Andy Bobandy

    Ha ha, very funny David – “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”
    For your information the system is well and truly broken. The system created and controlled by men IS crumbling before our eyes – what with the rigged financial systems that decimates the weak or poor, the wars to control resources, and the constant expansion of production on a finite planet. I put it to you sir that men have had their time. We have got our species this far and that’s fine. But in order for the human family to continue to thrive it needs a new hand to guide it. This can ONLY come from women. A man’s base nature is to dominate in whatever field he is in, a woman’s base nature is that of nurture. A financial system created by women would nurture its weakest rather than enslaving or subjugating. You may sneer and say women don’t have the momentum to take control. Think again. The suffering felt by women worldwide of any nation or creed is a universal one – women of any social standing have a common sisterhood of suffering under men. This is stronger than any male driven group with similar issues because men are disparate, competing with one another – see politics, football teams, standing national armies, religions – its mine against yours. Women maybe part of these groups but their nature runs counter to them which would explain mens’ dominance in all these realms. It is slightly sad that you do not see the wonderful door that is opening for humankind and instead fall back on tired hackneyed points of view – “the template God gives us with the animal kingdom” – I take it you’ve heard of evolution? We are constantly evolving as a species both physically but socially as well.
    Essentially whether men like it or not women will seize control. I disagree with anyone who says women need to gain more places in the board room, on the front bench, or more women in the army. This is because this is window dressing – it is not dealing with the root cause. Women can only overpower men in one way. Non violent peaceful direct action on a global scale. This will not be without it’s pain and there will be much pain. But when the men with the batons and guns are using them against their mothers/ sisters/ wives – the pain of their actions will gradually sink in and cause a fundamental change in them as humans. When you are feeling your victims pain you can no longer victimize. Only at this point will women have their real victory. And it will happen. But I feel it will not come from the west, it will begin with the poorest and most subjugated and then it will spread.
    For anyone who thinks this is ridiculous I point to Mahatma Ghandi’s success against the British and today’s 1 billion rising women against violence.
    And so it begins David.

  22. scott Avatar

    I want an overhaul even more than woman. The opresion in many societies is so high that a man only hides his distain for the world without loosing his mind. This is a sadistic act in a near merciless world. This means having my cake and eating it too, and I think woman have best answers.

  23. Jon Avatar

    Maybe if we stopped talking about it, the gender gaps would close themselves. If we stopped labeling and stereotyping each other, we wouldn’t have that psychological division that tears us apart.
    If we’re all equal, leave it at that, stop talking about it.
    No more extra things for blacks, whites, women, men, or anyone with any difference. If we truly are equal like the feminists and racial leaders say, why are they labeling themselves, labeling others?
    No one is better, no one is worse.
    But our divorce rate has skyrocketed, KKK is still around, and we’ve spent a whole lot of time arguing about it.
    GET OVER IT! we will all play to our own individual strengths, stop enabling opposition.

  24. kevin Avatar

    The thing is that both women and men have faults and attributes that compliment each other in such a away that the world needs both men and women to survive now as far as machines go we can give a machine an artificial intelligence and program it to operate on its own but we can never give a machine true intelligence or judgment capabilities to replace one sex or the other it can only do what it is programmed to do or it cannot it will always lack the critical adaptability that human beings have

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